Tomophan® 004

If you have not worked extensively with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) imaging, you may not be fully aware how different it is from conventional mammography and CT. The Tomophan® phantom has been designed to provide a complete characterization of this unique imaging system through objective measurements of key performance criteria.


The basic phantom is made from 3 key components: the 28mm test object, the 14mm spacer and the chest wall. For routine testing, the test object and spacer are stacked providing a total thickness of 42mm with the primary test plane in the center. By changing the position of the 14mm uniform spacer and/or flipping the test object, the primary test plane will be moved higher or lower in the imaging field.
To simulate a smaller breast the 28mm test object can be used alone. An optional 28mm spacer can be used with the test object to simulate a 57mm breast.


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