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Our company, Epsilon Instruments, is located in Houston, USA, and was established in 2010. As an agent, we specialize in the sales of various branded instruments, electromechanical equipment, industrial control products, sports equipment, kitchen equipment, and more from countries like the USA, Europe, Japan, etc. We have an in-depth understanding of procurement and supply in related fields and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with numerous high-quality suppliers. This includes Sun Nuclear/CIRS, ACCEL, AccuTrak, Ace Glass, ACR models, AII, Alicat, AMI, Amprobe, API, Bacharach, Berry Global, CAE, Clinical&Derm, Compliance West, DL instruments, Dyn-optics, Edgetech, Eseco-Speedmaster, ESI TEST, GFG, Graywolf, HI-Q, Instruments Inc, Lubell, Masimo, McMaster-Carr, MesaLabs, Prostat, Reichert, UE System, WATLOW, MRU, and YSI water quality analyzers from the USA, MODUS and Phymetrix from Canada, as well as IBA and IBP from Germany.

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Our Service

Prompt and efficient handling of inquiries and orders

Experienced in prepare of export documents and knowledge of export rules

Supplying USA brand products for many industries, the broadest selection of the latest environmental monitoring, sampling and field equipment

Please feel free to contact us with any quotation or questions you may have. We will back to you soon.

We have the most competitive price in US on above major products!!!


The water monitoring instruments from epsiloninstruments have revolutionized our environmental studies. Their cutting-edge technology and accuracy have allowed us to gather precise data, leading to more informed decisions for water conservation and environmental protection. A game-changer for any research team

Frank McDonald

IT Specialist

Managing a water treatment plant demands reliable instruments, and epsiloninstruments delivers exactly that. The water monitoring instruments have consistently provided real-time data, enabling us to optimize our processes for efficiency and compliance. Trustworthy products and excellent support!

Kelly Miller


I’ve been using epsiloninstruments water monitoring instruments for my hydrology research, and I couldn’t be more impressed. The ease of use, coupled with the precision of the data collected, has elevated the quality of my studies. [Your Company] is at the forefront of water monitoring technology

Melissa Paterson


In the field of environmental consulting, having reliable instruments is non-negotiable. epsiloninstruments has consistently provided us with state-of-the-art water monitoring instruments that have proven indispensable for our projects. Their commitment to accuracy and durability sets them apart

Gregory Tulson

Film Maker

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