Cylindrical Magphan® 170

Magphan® phantoms are designed to perform a wide range of performance evaluations of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanners.


The Magphan® SMR170 phantom was developed in the 1990s, in the early days of MRI. Our newer EMR and TMR Magphan® phantoms are designed for modern MRI scanners, and we highly recommend them over the SMR170. We can, however, manufacture the 170 phantom for customers who request them.
The Magphan® SMR170 has a conventional cylindrical housing for test groups and manufacturers who base their performance specifications on cylindrical phantoms. It has a removable end plate for internal access. The acrylic cylinder has an outer diameter of 20cm and an inner diameter of 19cm. The Magphan® SMR170 phantoms are shipped without any fluid. Customers must fill them with appropriate MR solutions.


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