Rigol DSG830 RF Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 3 GHz


RF Signal Source from 9kHz-3GHz, with -100dBc/Hz Phase Noise,+13dBm to -110dBm power output, and Amplitude Accuracy < 0.5dB

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Rigol DSG830 – RF Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 3 GHz
Frequency rang 9kHz to 1.5GHz or 3GHz
Low SSB phase noise of typ. -105dBc/Hz
Max. output level of typ. +20dBm
Complete AM / FM / ØM modulation
Outstanding compact design
Advanced Modulations
Engineers can generate more complex signals without additional hardware using the modulation schemes in the DSG800. Advanced modulations including Pulse and Pulse train are options, while AM, FM, and øM modulations are standard on the DSG800 Series instruments.
High Accuracy Timebase Option
Your source is only as good as your reference. Stable and accurate clock provides basis for high performance RF output. The Model OCXO-B08 option is a hardware module that inserts into the DSG800 Series generator. It can be purchased at any time and improves clock stability to 5 ppb.
DSG800 RF Signal Generator Series
Highly cost-effective economical RF signal generator
Up to -105 dBc/Hz (typical) phase noise
Up to +20 dBm (typical) maximum output power
Higher level of amplitude accuracy, up to 0.5 dB (typical)
Superb signal stability

Functions almost matching those of high-level RF signal generators
Flexible frequency and amplitude sweep functions
Complete AM/FM/ØM analog modulation functions
Standard LF output function
Powerful pulse modulation function
System flatness calibration function
Simple and easy to operate

Special design ensuring its reliability and durability
Use electronic attenuator to avoid wearing
Specially designed protection functions
Digital ALC circuit
Simple structure

Smallest in size among the like products
Occupy the least workbench space
Occupy less rack space
Light weight; the handle offers comfortable grip


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