Rigol DSG3065B-OCXO – 6.5 GHz RF Signal Generator with OCXO Reference Clock


6.5 GHz RF Signal Source equipped with OCXO frequency timebase

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Rigol DSG3065B-OCXO – 6.5 GHz RF Signal Generator with OCXO Reference Clock
Frequency range: 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz
Includes factory installed OCXO clock option
Amplitude accuracy: <0.5 dB (typical) Output amplitude range: -130 dBm to +27 dBm (setting range) High signal purity, phase noise: <-116 dBc/Hz@20 kHz (typical) The DSG3000B series is a high-performance RF signal generator. It provides comprehensive modulation solutions and all modulations support internal and external modulation sources. In addition, to meet the demands of production environments, the DSG3000B series has undergone a strict verification through the experiments in its design and production stages to ensure its high stability and reliability. The DSG3000B series also features a clear user interface, compact size and is lightweight. It is easy to operate and can output stable, precise and pure signals. It is an ideal tool in various fields such as communication, computers, instrumentation, R&D, education, production and maintenance. Featuring a high signal purity with phase noise measuring <-116dBc/Hz@20kHz (typical) and a wide output range of -130dBm to +25dBm, the DSG3000B RF signal generator has optional pulse modulation and pulse train generation with the DSG3000B-PUG option. The DSG3000 series also has an amplitude accuracy of <0.5dB (typical). Several models available Rigol offers several variations of its DSG3000B. Users can choose between a maximum frequency of 6.5 or 13.6 GHz, as well as IQ modulation and IQ baseband output. Please note, the OCXO reference clock is only available as a factory installed option and is no longer sold separately. The chart below provides a brief overview of the main features for each. Max Freq IQ OCXO DSG3065B 6.5 DSG3065B-IQ 6.5 ✔ DSG3065B-OCXO 6.5 ✔ DSG3065B-IQ-OCXO 6.5 ✔ ✔ DSG3136B 13.6 DSG3136B-IQ 13.6 ✔ DSG3136B-OCXO 13.6 ✔ DSG3136B-IQ-OCXO 13.6 ✔ ✔ Front panel view 4.3-inch TFT LCD Menu keys Main function keys Flexible and easy-to-use editing keyboard Signal output switches RF signal output LF signal output External modulation input Manual trigger System function Power key with delay switching design Preset/View/Help Back panel view Please note, the image below shows a reference clock and IQ ports which are only available on certain models. High stable OCXO reference clock (option) I/Q modulating signal input, baseband signal output Convenient remote control Support LAN/USB/USB-GPIB interfaces Support USB storage 10 MHz reference clock IN/OUT Pulse modulation input Pulse signal generator output Signal valid output Trigger in/pulse gated signal input


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