Magphan® RT 1230

An integrated MR QA system for MR guided surgery and radiotherapy
MRI manufacturers have made great strides in reducing MR system distortion. Maintaining acceptable levels of distortion relies on properly controlling a long chain of conditions. It is critical to have a robust system of quality control for key imaging performance characteristics in order to detect significant deviations before they affect clinical operations.


Magphan® RT 1230
The Magphan® RT 1230 can be configured for two different fields of view. The full three-piece configuration measures distortion and uniformity over 35 x 39 x 21 cm. By removing the central module, a smaller 35 x 39 x 21 cm FOV can be achieved.
The Magphan® RT’s modular design, when filled with solution, keeps all individual modules under 12 kg, enabling the phantom to be handled by a single person without special equipment. This design not only allows for easy handling of the phantom but also facilitates future system expansion with additional measurement modules.


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