Catphan® 710 Set

The Catphan® 710 set combines several tools for advanced CT measurements in one set.


The Catphan®700, our most advanced model, is the base of the set featuring the Wave insert for 3-D resolution measurements.
For quick visual understanding of 3-D resolution, we include the CCT287 45° high-resolution insert with uniformity holder and mount.
The CTP748 stainless steel and titanium inserts can be inserted into the CTP682 module for assessment of metal artifact reduction algorithms.
For evaluation of sensitometry with wide beam CT, where scatter has a significant effect, the CCT285 provides additional material on the front end of the phantom.
The set includes two oval body annuli to test the systems with body levels of attenuation. The two annuli are 20cm long with oval diameters of 25-35cm and 30-38cm.


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