Ionograph® SMD V

Dynamic testing of ionic contamination is a widely approved and followed standard. So, too, is the equipment that makes it possible — SCS Ionograph®. Available in different models, the SCS Ionograph is the industry standard of testing technology.

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The SCS Ionograph® is the industry standard for ionic contamination testing specified in commonly used cleaning standards. Using the “dynamic” testing method, this line gives you a reliable testing solution at an affordable price. Plus, the SCS Ionograph series is available in four newly redesigned models – the Ionograph SMD V and bench top modules for small, standard and large parts — all operated by our advanced SCS PowerView™ software.

SCS Ionographs offer customers reliable and efficient testing capabilities, including:

Compliance with industry specifications including MIL-STD-2000A, IPC-TM-650 and ANSI/J-STD-001
Control of aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning processes for bare and assembled printed circuit boards
Control of both the cleaning and the no-clean processes
Testing to prevent corrosion or product performance problems associated with ionic contamination
Cleanliness testing of performance-sensitive small parts
Cleanliness testing of cleanroom specific products such as gloves, fixtures, assembly tools and critical assembly components used in precise manufacturing
Process control of no clean/low residue processes, including spray fluxer set up and monitoring


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