Ionograph® BT Series (Bench Top)

As the industry standard for ionic contamination testing specified in commonly used cleaning standards, the SCS Ionograph BT Series offers a convenient table top design that provides quick and accurate testing for labs and manufacturers that need to test individual parts, complete assemblies or small devices. The newly redesigned Ionograph models are available in three test cell sizes to match your application and are available with an all-in-one computer or tablet for maximum convenience and efficiency. The CE-certified Ionograph BT Series features easy-access door panels for routine maintenance of consumable components and their full stainless steel structure is durable for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance.

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SCS Ionographs offer customers reliable and efficient testing capabilities, including:

Compliance with industry specifications including MIL-STD-2000A, IPC-TM-650 and ANSI/J-STD-001
Control of aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning processes for bare and assembled printed circuit boards
Control of both the cleaning and the no-clean processes
Testing to prevent corrosion or product performance problems associated with ionic contamination
Cleanliness testing of performance-sensitive small parts
Cleanliness testing of cleanroom specific products such as gloves, fixtures, assembly tools and critical assembly components used in precise manufacturing
Process control of no clean/low residue processes, including spray fluxer set up and monitoring


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