Instek SPD-3606 Multiple Output Dual Range Switching DC Power Supply


375W, 3-channel, Dual Range 0-30V, 0-6A or 0-60V, 0-3A Triple Output

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Instek SPD-3606 – Multiple Output Dual Range Switching DC Power Supply
Constant voltage operation
Constant current operation
Tracking Series operation
Tracking Parallel operation
Output On/Off control
3 outputs with full Voltage control
LED Display
The Chief TILVABIF Vertical Connector Kit vertically connects any combination of Chief’s TIL1X1IF, TIL1X2IF and TIL1X3IF LED video wall mounting system.
High Economic value D.C. Power Supply
SPD-3606 DC power supply provides 375W capability, three isolated outputs with dual-range for CH1/CH2, highly efficient power conversion, low noise, high reliability, thorough protection design, and compact size. SPD-3606 creates a new benchmark for satisfying mainstream power supply demand.
CH1/CH2 of SPD-3606 offers dual-range output either at 30V/6A or 60V/3A per channel to accommodate broad application in one unit. With the auto Series/Parallel tracking operation, SPD-3606 is able to provide the master output at 30V/12A, 60V/6A, or 120V/3A. One SPD-3606 can cover three-output applications and wide combinations of voltage/current output.
High Efficiency and High Power Density
energy and align with global environmental protection concerns. Besides, the high power densities make SPD-3606 weigh less than half and occupy much less space than equal power rating linear power supply, which is used to be quite heavy and bulky.
Thorough Design of Protection
To avoid the damage caused by an improper operation to SPD-3606 and DUT, SPD- 3606 provides numerous protection features such as reverse polarity protection, OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OTP (Over Temperature Protection)In case the wrong AC Power is connected, SPD-3606 automatically selects can cope with it by switching 115V/230V source internally.
Manual or Remote Output on/Off Control
SPD-3606 provides Output on/off function. User can preset the voltage/current value and check the connection between DUT and power supply is ready. Then users could control output on/off by manual switching or by remote connection. SPD-3606 also provides volume guard function. It is an optional item which replaces the regular Voltage/Current knobs to prevent accidentally changing the output level. It is useful for automated testing at fixed output level, such as assembly line inspection.
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