Instek GDM-532 – True RMS Handheld Digital Multimeter


9999 Counts DMM

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Instek GDM-532
True RMS measurement
9999 counts
Auto/manual ranging
Display backlight
Auto power off
True RMS Handheld Digital Multimeter
The Instek GDM-532 is a 9999-count true RMS digital multimeter with high resolution, auto range and a new intelligent ADC chip. Designed according to CAT II 1000V/CAT III 600V, the meter comes with overvoltage and overcurrent alarms, and a false detection protector for 6kV electric shock and high voltages.
Features include:
9999-count display, true RMS measurement, and fast ADC (3 times/s)
Full-featured false detection protection for up to 1000V surge, and overvoltage/overcurrent alarm
Extended measuring range, especially for capacitance (compared with similar products), the ≤9.999mF response time within 6s
Optimized NCV function: EFHi mode to distinguish neutral and live wires, EFLo mode for low electric fields, and audio/visual alarm
Recoverable and anti-burning protector is built into the current input terminal
Measurement of flame sensor of heating device can be performed at µA position.
Current (AC/DC) mode memory function.
Low power consumption (general: 2mA; sleep state: <30µA) to effectively extend the battery life to 500 hours Several versions available There are several models in the GDM-500 series. Please click here for an overview of meters in the series and a breakdown of the main features and differences in each. Product layout 1. LCD Display 6. COM input terminal 2. Function buttons 7. Other terminals 3. Dial switch 8. Hook 4. mA /10A input terminal 9. Probe holder 5. µA input terminal 10. Bracket


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