Instek PSW-1080L155 – Triple-Channel Programmable Switching DC Power Supply, CH1: 30V, CH2: 160V, CH3: 160V, 1080W


3 CH, 1080W, CH1: PSW 30-36, CH2: PSW 160-7.2, CH3: PSW 160-7.2

SKU: Instek PSW-1080L155 - Triple-Channel Programmable Switching DC Power Supply, CH1: 30V, CH2: 160V, CH3: 160V, 1080W Category:

Instek PSW-1080L155
Triple Channel, Maximum 1080W, Programmable Switching DC Power Supply
Voltage combination – Channel 1: 30V | Channel 2: 160V | Channel 3: 160V
Advanced web server: execute SCPI commands, control power supply through the server, data log, edit output sequence
Size: 1/2 Rack 3U
LAN, USB, and external analog remote control terminal communication interfaces
Triple-Channel Programmable Switching DC Power Supply, CH1: 30V, CH2: 160V, CH3: 160V, 1080W
The Instek PSW-1080L155 is a triple-channel, wide range output, programmable switching DC power supply. The maximum power is 1080W. Channel one is rated for 30V output voltage and 36A output current. Channels two and three are rated for 160V output voltage and 7.2A output current.
The PSW-Multi series includes 37 models including 13 dual-channel models with a rated power of 720W, and 24 triple-channel models with a rated power of 1080W. The rated voltages of low voltage modules are 30V, 40V, 80V, 160V. The rated voltages of high voltage modules are 250V and 800V.
PSW-Multi Series Special Functions

Advanced Web Server
The advanced web server, a unique function of the PSW-Multi series, can directly execute SCPI commands on the server and control the PSW-Multi power supply. The data log has an interval of 1 second. It can edit output sequence.
CV/CC Priority Selection
The PSW-Multi series modules provide CC Mode and CV Mode to fit a range of applications in the general-purpose market. For critical applications with more specific requirements, the CC and CV priority selection feature enable the power supply to run under CC priority rather than normal CV priority at the output-on stage.
Inrush current and surge voltage occur at LED forward voltage under CV priority.
CC priority feature effectively limits the occurrence of inrush current and surge voltage when the supplied voltage rises to the LED forward voltage.
Adjustable Slew Rate
The PSW-Multi series has adjustable slew rates for the level transition of both current and voltage. This gives the PSW-Multi power supply the ability to set specific rise time and fall time of the voltage and current drawn from the power supply to verity DUT performance during the voltage/current level transition. The feature also slows down the voltage transition at the power output-on to protect DUT from inrush current damage. This feature is especially useful for the test of heavy-current-drawn devices like capacitors.
Adjustable rise time of the PSW 30V module
Adjustable rise time of the PSW 800V module
Bleeder Control with Built-In Bleed Resistor
The PSW-Multi series employs a bleed resistor in parallel with the output terminal. The bleed resistor is designed to dissipate the power from the power supply filter capacitors when power is turned off and the load is disconnected. Without a bleed resistor, the power terminal may remain charged on the filter capacitors for some time and be potentially hazardous. In addition, the bleed resistor acts as a minimum voltage load. The bleed resistance can be turned on or off using the configuration setting.
PSW-Multi Series Rear Panel
The PSW-Multi series provides a USB host port in the front panel for easy access of stored data, such as test script program. In the rear panel, a USB device port is available for remote control or I and V data logging of power output through a PC controller. The LAN interface, which meets DHCP standard, is provided as a standard feature for system communications and ATE applications. Optional extender terminal box accessories (sold separately) can be used to extend the power output from the rear panel to the front side. This provides convenience to do the job without frequently having to reach the output terminal at the rear of the device.
Panel Description
1. Voltage knob
2. Current knob
3. Output key
4. Function keys
5. USB A port
6. Display
7. Power switch
8. Analog control connector
9. Output terminal (+)
10. Output terminal (+/-)
11. Output terminal (-)
12. Fan
13. AC input
14. LAN port
Dual-Channel Model Guide
Model CH1 Rated Voltage CH2 Rated Voltage Size
PSW-720L11 30.00V 30.00V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L12 30.00V 40.00V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L14 30.00V 80.00V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L15 30.00V 160.0V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L22 40.00V 40.00V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L24 40.00V 80.00V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L25 40.00V 160.0V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L44 80.00V 80.00V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L45 80.00V 160.0V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720L55 160.0V 160.0V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720H66 250.0V 250.0V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720H68 250.0V 800.0V 1/3 Rack 3U
PSW-720H88 800.0V 800.0V 1/3 Rack 3U
Triple-Channel Model Guide
Model CH1 Rated Voltage CH2 Rated Voltage CH3 Rated Voltage Size
PSW-1080L111 30.00V 30.00V 30.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L112 30.00V 30.00V 40.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L114 30.00V 30.00V 80.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L115 30.00V 30.00V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L122 30.00V 40.00V 40.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L124 30.00V 40.00V 80.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L125 30.00V 40.00V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L144 30.00V 80.00V 80.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L145 30.00V 80.00V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L155 30.00V 160.0V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L222 40.00V 40.00V 40.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L224 40.00V 40.00V 80.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L225 40.00V 40.00V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L244 40.00V 80.00V 80.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L245 40.00V 80.00V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L255 40.00V 160.0V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L444 80.00V 80.00V 80.00V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L445 80.00V 80.00V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L455 80.00V 160.0V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L555 160.0V 160.0V 160.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L666 250.0V 250.0V 250.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L668 250.0V 250.0V 800.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L688 250.0V 800.0V 800.0V 1/2Rack 3U
PSW-1080L888 800.0V 800.0V 800.0V 1/2Rack 3U


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