Instek PEL-5008C-600-560 – High Power DC Electronic Load (600V/ 560A / 8kW)

High Power DC Electronic Load (600V/ 560A / 8kW)

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Instek PEL-5008C-600-560
600V/ 560A / 8kW
Up to 8 units of master/slave parallel control
5-digit digital voltage, current and power meter
Large LCD Display
Display voltage value, current value, watt value at the same time
High Power DC Electronic Load (600V/ 560A / 8kW)
GW Instek PEL-5000C series single-channel electronic load provides 150V/ 600V/ 1200V models with a power range of 6kW~24kW. PEL-5000C has a total of 24 models featuring different combinations of power, voltage, and current. It can test and verify the specifications of batteries, electric vehicle chargers/charging stations, electric vehicle batteries, and solar panels. PEL-5000C supports parallel connections for the same voltage specification and different power models. PEL-5000C can support up to 8 units connected in parallel to provide a maximum power of 192kW.

Power / Voltage 150V 600V 1200V
6kW PEL-5006C-150-600 (600A) PEL-5006C-600-420 (420A) PEL-5006C-1200-240 (240A)
8kW PEL-5008C-150-800 (800A) PEL-5008C-600-560 (560A) PEL-5008C-1200-320 (320A)
10kW PEL-5010C-150-1000 (IOOOA) PEL-5010C-600-700 (700A) PEL-5010C-1200400 (400A)
12kW PEL-5012C-150-1200 (1200A) PEL-5012C-600-840 (840A) PEL-5012C-1200480 (480A)
15kW PEL-5015C-150-1500 (1500A) PEL-5015C-600-1050 (1050A) PEL-5015C-1200-600 (600A)
18kW PEL-5018C-150-1800 (1800A) PEL-5018C-600-1260 (1260A) PEL-5018C-1200-720 (720A)
20kW PEL-5020C-150-2000 (2000A) PEL-5020C-600-1400 (1400A) PEL-5020C-1200-800 (800A)
24kW PEL-5024C-150-2000 (2000A) PEL-5024C-600-1680 (1680A) PEL-5024C-1200-960 (960A)d

For the scenario of battery testing, PEL-5000C specifically provides four battery discharge modes, namely CC+CV battery discharge test mode, CP+CV battery discharge test mode, CC+ UVP battery discharge test mode, and CP+ UVP battery discharge test mode. Users can choose a suitable test mode according to the test requirements. In addition to the four battery discharge modes, PEL-5000C also provides period discharge, Pulse discharge, and RAMP discharge modes. Users can set the discharge time, discharge in the pulse current mode, or even set the rising/falling slew rate of the discharge current. These functions can be very flexible in the simulation of the battery discharge current waveform when an electric vehicle is running.
To meet the verification requirements of different DUTs, PEL-5000C provides a variety of test functions, including inrush current test mode, solar panel MPPT test mode, automated OCP, OPP test functions, and 150 sets of parameter storage functions. The 1200V model of PEL-5000C not only provides full power output at 1000V but also provides 60% power output at 1200V output, which is higher than the 50% power output of other manufacturers of similar electronic loads. High-voltage batteries or chargers directly connected to the electronic load may cause damage to the electronic load. PEL-5000C has a built-in slow starter, which not only protects the DC load but also saves the user’s installation cost and setting time for measurement.


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