Instek PEL-5005G-600-350 – High Power DC Electronic Load, 600V, 350A, 5kW

High power DC electronic load – 600V, 350A, 5kW

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Instek PEL-5005G-600-350
Power rating: 5kW, Max output voltage: 600V, Max output current: 350A
Turbo mode function allows 1.5x the rated power or current to be used within 2 seconds
Turbo mode can be used with OCP/OPP/BMS/Short Mode/Surge Mode/Hot Plug-in
5 digital V / A / W meter can be displayed on large LCD simultaneously
Supports up to 8 units connected in parallel
High Power DC Electronic Load, 600V, 350A, 5kW
The Instek PEL-5005G-600-350 is a high-power DC electronic load with a power rating of 5kW, maximum output voltage of 600V, and maximum output current of 350A. The turbo mode function allows up to 1.5 times the rated power or current to be used within a period of two seconds.
The GW Instek PEL-5000G series single-channel electronic load provides 150V/ 600V/ 1200V models with a power range of 4kW to 6kW. PEL-5000G has a total of 9 models featuring different combinations of power, voltage, and current. It can test and verify the specifications of batteries, electric vehicle chargers/charging stations and electric vehicle batteries. PEL-5000G supports parallel connection for same voltage specification and different power models. PEL-5000G can support up to 8 units connected in parallel to provide a maximum power of 48kW.
For battery charger testing, the PEL-5000G specifically provides four battery discharge modes, namely CV+Current Limit test mode, CV+Power Limit test mode, CC mode and CP mode. Users can choose a suitable test mode according to the test requirements. For battery discharge function, users can set the discharge cut-off voltage, discharge time, or discharge capacity (Ah) in CC or CP mode to meet battery testing requirements.
High-voltage batteries or chargers directly connected to the electronic load may cause damage to the electronic load. PEL-5000G has a built-in slow starter, which not only protects the DC load, but also saves the user’s installation cost and setting time for measurement on 600V/1200V models.
The communication interfaces supported by PEL-5000G include GPIB, RS232, USB, and LAN.
Please see the table below for the power, voltage and current of each model:
Model Power Rating Voltage Current Turbo mode (kW/V/A)
PEL-5004G-150-400 4kW 150V 400A 6/150/600
PEL-5004G-600-280 4kW 600V 280A 6/600/420
PEL-5004G-1200-160 4kW 1200V 160A 6/1200/240
PEL-5005G-150-500 5kW 150V 500A 7.5/150/750
PEL-5005G-600-350 5kW 600V 350A 7.5/600/525
PEL-5005G-1200-200 5kW 1200V 200A 7.5/1200/300
PEL-5006G-150-600 6kW 150V 600A 9/150/900
PEL-5006G-600-420 6kW 600V 420A 9/600/630
PEL-5006G-1200-240 6kW 1200V 240A 9/1200/360
Front Panel
Rear Panel
Front and Rear Panel Description
Front Panel Rear Panel
1. Power switch 9. DC input terminal
2. LCD Multi-function display 10. V-sense terminal
3. Function keys 11. I-monitor terminal
4. Auto sequence keys 12. Analog programming input
5. Memory keys 13. Parallel operation control
6. Test function keys 14. Interface card socket
7. Number keypad 15. Fuse
8. Knob setting 16. Fuse


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