Instek GPT-12002 – AC/DC Electrical Safety Analyzer (5kV @ 40mA AC, 6kV @ 10mA DC)


Safety Analyzer, AC/DC/GC 200VA

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Instek GPT-12002 – AC/DC Electrical Safety Analyzer (5kV @ 40mA AC, 6kV @ 10mA DC)
GPT-12000 series
AC/DC electrical safety analyzer / hipot tester
5kV @ 40mA AC withstanding
6kV @ 10mA DC withstanding
200VA AC test capacity
GW Instek introduces its flagship safety analyzer, the GPT-12000 series – the first safety analyzer in the world to comply with IEC 61010-2-034. The GPT-12000 is available in four models, as can be seen below:
GPT-12001 ✔
GPT-12002 ✔ ✔
GPT-12003 ✔ ✔ ✔
GPT-12004 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

All products in this series provide an output capacity of 200VA and utilize a highly efficient PWM amplifier to effectively exclude any influence from fluctuating input voltage and distorted waveforms. This guarantees a stable high voltage output while conducting AC withstanding voltage tests on the DUT.

The statistic function is the highlight of the GPT-12000 series. Test items, number of tests and judgement results are recorded after testing and can be shown in a bar graph on the display. This enables users to immediately learn the status of product tests and judgement distribution during the manufacturing process without using a PC. A sweep function is also available for analysis on a product’s crash point. The sweep mode can be used to view the curve diagram of test results following the completion of functional tests.
Panel Introduction
Start & Stop Button
Function Selection Key
7″ LCD Display
Navigator Key
Status Indicator (PASS/FAIL)
Wheel & Test Mode key
USB Host
REMOTE Terminal
Hi-Voltage Output Terminal & Indicator
Current Output Terminal & Return
Rear Output Terminal & Indicator
Series Port (RS-232C/USB device)
Signal I/O
GPIB (optional)

Meets IEC 61010-2-034 Design Requirements

The GPT-1200 is the world’s first safety analyzer to comply with IEC 61010-2-034. Safety features include double insulation for input and output voltages, a safe output / warning mechanism, and a post-test discharge mechanism to ensure user safety during operation.

High Accuracy and High Resolution Testing Performance

For production tests and characteristic verification, the GPT-12000 series provides a withstanding test voltage (AC 5 kV / DC 6 kV) that can be adjusted in 1 volt steps with current measurement resolution up to 1µ (ACW) or 0.1µA (DCW). In addition, insulation resistance test voltages can be adjusted in 50V steps from a DC output range of 50 to 1200V, with resistance resolution up to 0.1MΩ. The entire series provides a continuity grounding test function with a 100mA dc (fixed) test source and a measurement resolution of 0.01Ω to detect if the tested equipment is correctly grounded.

Statistic and Analysis

The GPT-12000 features a statistic function to record test functions and results in a temporary storage area (up to 60,000 results max). Users can immediately learn the results of each function during a test without using a PC. In addition, the distribution of good products can be analyzed to understand the quality of the batch based on the data.

Complete test Data retrieval Interface

When a USB is inserted and storage function activated, the results of all tests are saved to the USB for follow up analysis. For interface connection, the GPT-12000 offers external control or a variety of remotely controlled ports. The GPT-12000 is equipped with RS-232C and USB for easy retrieval of data. GPIB is optional.


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