Instek GPM-8320 – Digital Power Meter with LAN/USB/RS-232 Interface, 2-Channels


2 Channel Digital Power Meter with LAN/USB/RS-232

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Instek GPM-8320
5-inch TFT LCD
Voltage/Current test frequency bandwidth: DC, 0.1 Hz – 100kHz
Waveform display: V (Voltage), I (Current), P (Wattage)
Distorted wave current/voltage measurement: full range for CF=3, half range for CF=6 (or 6A)
Meets IEC 61000-4-7 harmonic measurement (50/60Hz)
Digital Power Meter with LAN/USB/RS-232 Interface, 2-Channels
The GW Instek GPM-8320 is a two-channel, digital power meter with LAN/USB/RS-232 communication interfaces. The GPM-8320/8330 series meters are designed specifically for measuring power in three-phase AC power sources, making them suitable for most electrical and electronic product testing applications (GPM-8320 provides 2 channels, and GPM-8330 provides 3 channels). The modules have a testing bandwidth of DC, 0.1Hz to 100kHz, and feature 16-bit A/D converters and a sampling rate of 300kHz. They are equipped with a 5-inch TFT LCD display, 5 digits of measurement readings, 25 different power measurement parameters, and high-precision measurement capabilities. GPM-8320/8330 also features waveform display capabilities (voltage/current/power), the integration measurement function, harmonics measurement and analysis of multiple orders, external sensor input terminals, and a variety of communications interfaces.
Wiring Selection
GPM-8320/8330 provides multiple input voltage configuration wiring modes (1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W, 3V3A). Users can choose the wiring mode according to their specific requirements to measure parameters for specific wiring methods, and even calculate efficiency.
Display Modes
GPM-8320/8330 provides two display modes, numerical and graphical, helping users maximize the benefits of their measurements. Numerical mode includes single and multiple mode options. In single mode, there are four tabs that can be customized with the module’s measurement settings and each tab can display up to ten measurement parameters (2 main and 8 secondary measurements). In multiple modes, there are also four tabs and users can simultaneously observe the same 8 measurement parameters from three different modules. Parameters in both modes can be arranged and customized as needed, and a simple mode that displays only the first four parameters is available regardless of which tab is selected.
In graph mode, there is a simple oscilloscope function that displays the waveforms of three parameters: voltage, current, and power. The horizontal scale can be adjusted, and three waveform observation magnification ratios are available. When measuring harmonics, the harmonics measurement results of each order can be displayed in a bar chart, and a specific observation order can be specified. Additionally, all relevant values for harmonics of each order can be fully recorded and presented.
Panel Description
1. LCD
2. Function keys (F1-F5)
3. Soft keys
4. Function keys
5. Hardcopy key
6. Waveform key
7. Harmonic key
8. Arrow keys
9. USB host port
10. Wiring key
11. External input 1/2
12. Voltage input terminal
13. Current input terminal
14. LAN port
15. USB device port
16. RS-232 connector
17. Digital IO/DA12 *GPIB/DA12 models
18. Mini GPIB *GPIB/DA12 models
GPM-8320/8330 Series Models
Model Communications Interface Channels
GPM-8320 RS-232C/USB device and host/LAN 2
GPM-8320 GPIB/DA12 RS-232C/USB device and host/LAN and GPIB + DA12 2
GPM-8330 RS-232C/USB device and host/LAN 3
GPM-8330 GPIB/DA12 RS-232C/USB device and host/LAN and GPIB + DA12 3

**GPIB/DA12 is a 2-in-1 interface and must be installed in the factory


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