Instek GPM-8310 – Digital Power Meter with LAN/GPIB


Digital AC Power Meter with LAN/GPIB

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Instek GPM-8310 – Digital Power Meter with LAN/GPIB
Integration function supports automatic level-changing
External current sensor input terminals (EXT1/EXT2)
Standard interfaces: RS-232C, USB device/ host, LAN, GPIB
Optional interface: Digital I/O (DA4) (must be installed before leaving the factory)
Optional accessory: GPM-001
GW Instek GPM-8310 is a digital power meter for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power measurement. Features include DC, 0.1Hz~100kHz test bandwidth, 16bits A/D, and 300 kHz sampling rate. It adopts 5” TFT LCD screen with a five-digit measurement display and provides 25 power measurement related parameters, and has a high-precision measurement capability. It also features the ability to display waveform (voltage/current/power), the integration measurement function, harmonic measurement and analysis of each order (meeting the IEC 61000-4-7 harmonics measurement requirements at 50/60Hz), external sensor input terminals, and various communication interfaces, etc., to help users achieve clear, convenient and accurate power measurements. This power meter is a most cost-effective power meter with most complete functionalities among the products of the same category.

The rated direct input voltage of GPM-8310 is 600V and the input current is 20A. The minimum current level is 5mA (resolution up to 0.1uA) and the power measurement resolution is 0.1uW. The crest factor can reach 3 (half measurement range can reach 6 or 6A), and the voltage/current/power measurement capability can reach (±0.05% reading ±0.1% level). Different measurement modes can be selected according to ( AC+DC/ AC/ DC/ V-MEAN), providing up to 25 relevant parameters for power measurement, including voltage (Vrms/ Vac/ Vdc/ Vmn/ V+pk / V-pk), current (Irms/ Iac/ Idc/ I+pk/ I-pk), frequency (VHz/ IHz), power (P/ P+pk/ P-pk), crest factor (CFV/ CFI), apparent power (VA), reactive power (VAR), power factor (PF), phase angle (DEG), total harmonic distortion rate (THDV/THDI), maximum current ratio (MCR), and the MATH calculation function. Hence, for the measurement of low current/low power such as standby power consumption, or the measurement of power consumption of general products, this power meter provides the best range and accuracy support.

GPM-8310 also makes good use of the advantages of the TFT LCD to display the results of parameter measurement by using numerical and graphical methods. In terms of numerical values, the general mode and the simple mode are provided. The general mode can display 10 measurement parameters (2 main measurements + 8 monitoring measurements), and the simple mode can display four measurement parameters. These displayed parameters can be arbitrarily selected from 25 power parameters according to the needs of users. In terms of graphic display, a simple oscilloscope mode is provided to display waveforms for three parameters including voltage, current and power. In addition, the measurement and analysis of each harmonic order of the measurement signal can be completely displayed by numerical values or bar graphs. This power meter not only meets the needs of accuracy and legibility in process testing, but also meets the needs of diverse measurement applications in R&D design and quality verification.

In addition, the performance of GPM-8310 in auxiliary measurement mechanism/function is also comprehensive. For the application of measuring large voltage, the VT rate setting can be used with an external voltage Potential Transformer. For the measurement of large current, the type of current transformer ~ voltage output type or current output type will determine the applied method. If it is a current output type, it can be directly locked to the rear panel of the instrument and collocated with the CT rate setting to conduct measurement. If it is a voltage output type, measurement can be conducted through the external current sensor input terminals (EXT1/EXT2) provided by GPM-8310. Automatic level-changing can self-define the required level to save level-changing time. 10,000 lots of internal memories can be used to store measurement data according to the update rate set by GPM-8310 or a user-defined time interval for subsequent analysis.

In terms of data retrieval and storage, GPM-8310 provides a variety of communication interfaces including RS-232C/ USB device (virtual COM)/ LAN/ GPIB. Users can write programs to read the measurement results according to their habits or with existing system interfaces and there is no need to procure interfaces. USB host supports GPM-8310 screen capture, internal record data access, and firmware update. For the needs of external signal control or the use of data recorder to record data, GPM-8310 also provides an optional Digital I/O (DA4) interface (must be installed before leaving the factory), which can be connected to an external controller such as PLC or a data recorder to meet the application of automatic measurement or long recording.
Rich Measurement Parameters
GPM-8310 provides a variety of measurement items and functions, including voltage, current, frequency, effective power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, crest factor, total harmonic distortion, and can also measure the maximum current ratio. GPM-8310 is also equipped with the measurement function of power or current time integration for the DUT. Users set a period of time to perform instantaneous power.
integration at the set time period, and then divide by the time to obtain the average power of the DUT. In addition, when performing integration measurement, GPM-8310 supports automatic level-changing function for the power change of the DUT at different times in order to obtain the most complete integration result within the set time. convenient.
Superb Measurement Assistance
Ratio Configuration

With respect to the support of measurement assistance, the performance of GPM-8310 is outstanding. First of all, for the measurement of high voltage/high power, the setting of voltage ratio/power ratio is provided to restore the attenuated ratio to a true value. For the measurement of large current, other than the setting of current ratio, external current sensor terminals (EXT1/EXT2) can be utilized to connect with a voltage output type current transformer, making large current measurement more.
External Current Sensor Input

Convenient. In addition, GPM-8310 provides 4 sets of panel settings for storage/recall and memory for storing 10,000 lots of measurement values. The measurement storage can log the measurement results based upon the update rate or a self-defined time interval to facilitate the subsequent analysis. The USB host on the front panel supports screen capture, measurement value storage, and GPM-8310 firmware update.
Flexible Level-Changing Mechanism
Automatic level-changing under the integration function

GPM-8310 provides the measurement of the integration function under the automatic level-changing mode to allow users to fully calculate the total value of the power consumption of the DUT from the beginning to the end of the integration function. In addition, GPM-8310 also supports
Self-defined automatic level-changing mechanism

self-defined setting mechanism for level-changing. Users can select the required level to be changed to save time on level-changing and expedite the test.
Convenient and Practical Interface
Practical Interface

GPM-8310 provides comprehensive and diverse communications interfaces including RS-232 / USB / LAN / GPIB, which are suitable for customers to write computer software for remote control and the collection of measurement results through commands. The optional Digital I/O (DA4) interface provides 3 different modes: the external control mode, the DA4 output mode and the self-defined output mode based on user settings. When the setting is in the external control mode, it allows users to activate, stop, trigger or reset the integration measurement.
DA4 Interface Mechanism

function through external signals. When the setting is in the DA4 output mode, users can define 4 measurement parameter values from the 25 measurement parameters provided (even with the result of integration measurement) to produce outputs by a fixed level (full scale +5V) or a manual level (full scale ±5V) and receive results by collocating with a data recorder. When the setting is in the self-defined output mode, a communications interface is required to control the action of each defined pin through commands.


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