Instek GKT-008 Probe EMI Near Field


EMI Near Field Probe Set [GSP-730/830/9300/9330]

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Instek GKT-008 EMI Near Field Probe
PR-01: AC voltage probe, 150kHz ~ 30MHz
PR-02: Electric field probe, 30MHz ~ 3GHz
ANT-04: Magnetic field probe, 30MHz ~ 3GHz
ANT-05: Magnetic field probe, 30MHz ~ 3GHz
ADP-002: Adaptor SMA(F) to N-type (M)
GTL-303: RF testing cable SMA(M) to SMA(M)
The conventional magnetic field probes are hollow loop probes. When the magnetic field is perpendicular to the probe’s loop surface, the maximum measurement value can be obtained. The maximum magnetic field value can only be measured by rotating the probe’s direction. GKT-008 EMI near field probe features high spatial resolution and sensitivity without rotating probe’s direction to measure the maximum magnetic field value so as to identify the main radiation signal source. This probe set aims at carrying out pre-test and debug of EMI field scanner so as to effectively obtain EMI source, segmented frequency strength of EMI source, etc. That provides key indicators for resolving EMC issues. By this probe set, users can formulate solutions to amend failed products.


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