Corgi™ Phantom

The Corgi™ Phantom is a modular phantom designed for evaluation of cone beam imaging systems.


The phantom consists of five 135mm diameter modules, each 40mm thick. Two test modules contain test objects for multi-axis high resolution, sensitometry, and cone beam artifacts. The phantom is configured with one test module positioned near the center of the scanner’s x-ray beam and the other towards the edge, providing a better understanding of the variations within the scan volume. The remaining modules are used for uniformity and dose measurements.
The phantom can be easily configured for different-sized scanners. The assembly rods allow for 12cm and 20cm z-axis length configurations. All the modules contain four holes, one in the center and three peripherally, used either for the assembly rods or dose measurements.
Smári Image Analysis Service
The Corgi™ Phantom is equipped with Smári, a powerful, web-based image analysis service created by The Phantom Laboratory. Smári delivers automated phantom image analysis in the cloud and maintains measurements in a database for trend analysis, machine comparisons, and historical records.


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