LiquiPhil™ head End-To-End

The LiquiPhil™ End-to-End Phantoms were developed to provide stereotactic localization and dose verification for radiosurgery machines. The phantoms may be used for a variety of radiation therapy applications including periodic quality assurance evaluations and acceptance testing and end-to-end testing in conformance to AAPM TG-54. The phantoms may also be used to perform re-evaluations after equipment or software upgrades.

Charles W. Coffey, II, Ph.D., established the design criteria that The Phantom Laboratory used in constructing the LiquiPhil™ Head Phantom and LiquiPhil™ Pelvis Phantom. In 2013 The Phantom Laboratory worked with Michael S. Gossman, M.S., DABR, FAAPM, to develop the LiquiPhil™ Head Phantom with Bite Feature, providing for both stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy quality assurance with bite tray systems.


LiquiPhil™ Head Phantom: A water filled head with a repositionable tumor vessel that can be adapted to accommodate ionization chambers, TLDs, film or dosimetric gels. Ideal for testing stereotactic treatment using halos, and surface monitoring positioning systems.


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