B&K Precision 5491B – 50,000 Count True RMS Bench Digital Multimeter


50,000 Count True RMS Bench Multimeter

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BK Precision 5491B – 50,000 Count Dual Display Bench Multimeter with RS232 Interface
Up to 50,000 count display resolution
Basic VDC accuracy of up to 0.02%
Dual display to indicate two measurements simultaneously
AC + DC True RMS
Up to 25 readings per second measurement rate
The 2831E and 5491B are versatile and dependable bench-top digital multimeters suitable for applications in education, service & repair and manufacturing requiring basic and reliable measurements. Additionally, these multimeters enhance your productivity with built-in math functions and USB connectivity, features not found in other bench meters in this price category.

The 2831E and 5491B take typical multimeter measurements such as volts, ohms, and amps with great accuracy, stability, and basic VDC accuracy of 0.02% on the 5491B and 0.03% on the 2831E. The meters are also capable of measuring frequency, period, continuity, and performing diode tests. Readings can be taken at a maximum rate of 25 readings/sec with measurement rates selectable between slow, medium, and fast.

Thes multimeters were designed for cost-conscious users requiring a basic and dependable meter with a broad range of features offered Model at a value price.

Front Panel:

Rear Panel:
Versatile Tools
Dual Display
These meters offer a dual-display allowing multiple measurements to be conveniently displayed at once. The display values could be two different measurements or one measurement expressed in different units. For example, you can simultaneously read an AC voltage and a frequency value or a DC voltage value expressed in volts and in dB.

Limit Operation
The limit operation lets you set and control the values that determine a HI / IN / LO status of subsequent measurements. The meter can be configured to emit an audible alarm when readings are outside of the configured limit.

Increase Productivity with PC Connectivity
The 2831E and 5491B are programmable via USB and RS232 (5491B only) interface using industry-standard SCPI commands. Users can control and configure the instrument from a remote PC and retrieve measurement results for further analysis. The meters can also be remotely controlled using application software (downloadable from the B&K website), which supports front panel emulation and data logging of measurement results.