B&K Precision 307A – Analog Insulation and Continuity Meter


Analog Insulation and Continuity Meter

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BK Precision 307A – Analog Insulation and Continuity Meter
Test insulation to 400Mohms
Selectable 250V, 500V, or 1000V insulation test
Low ohm resistance test ranges 500ohm & 3ohm
200mA Short circuit test
This insulation tester 307A is intended primarily for periodic testing of industrial motors, transformers, electrical wiring, and cable insulation for signs of deterioration. Low readings may indicate impending failure allowing for permit replacement of suspect component during routine maintenance rather than risking component failure. It is also useful for safety testing of TV sets and appliances to assure no hazardous leakage current. The voltage and resistance ratings for insulation testing are often specified for the product to be tested.
Why Test is Necessary?

Every electrical apparatus and installation needs to be safe for the user and for the equipment itself. Electrical conductors of electricity needs to be insulated from each other, so that they do not create electrical hazard or unnecessary consumption.

Poorly insulated circuits can create leakage current which can be dangerous and trip your GFCI, RCCB or ELCB. Each country regulates levels at which the insulation levels are acceptable. Generally, Insulation resistance measurement should be done between each conductor and the earth, and between each conductors.


Checking the continuity of wires, complete circuits, connections, closure of contacts, circuit breakers, fuses, bounding resistance of connections, etc… are all very important to ensure wire integrity.