B&K Precision 9140 – Triple Output Multi-Range DC Power Supply, 300W/32V/8A


Triple Output DC Power Supply 32V/8A, 300W

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BK Precision 9140 – Triple Output Multi-Range DC Power Supply, 300W/32V/8A
Three independent, floating output channels for up to 100 W per channel or 300 W total
32V Max Output Voltage per channel
8A Max output current per channel
High power density, compact 2U half-rack form factor
Low output ripple and noise down to 1 mVrms
The 9140 Series triple output multi-range DC power supplies combine industry-leading power density and performance with an extensive set of features in a compact 2U form factor. Three isolated output channels each produce 100 W of clean power with low ripple and noise characteristics. Combine channels for up to 300 W total output power.

Powerful list mode programming enables users to set up and execute complex test sequences directly from the front panel. Multiple outputs, USB data logging, and comprehensive protection features make these power supplies suitable for a wide range of benchtop or test system applications.

This series provides system integrators with a LXI compliant LAN, USB (USBTMC-compliant), and optional GPIB interface for remote control and programming. The provided LabVIEWTM, IVI-C, and IVI.NET drivers further simplify system development and integration. In addition to OVP, OCP, and OTP protections, these power supplies support remote inhibit and voltage fault features to protect both the device under test (DUT) and the power supply
Model 9140 9140-GPIB 9141 9141-GPIB
Voltage per Channel 0 to 32V 0 to 32V 0 to 60V 0 to 60V
Current per Channel 0 to 8A 0 to 8A 0 to 4 A 0 to 4 A
Maximum Output Power per Channel 100W 100W 100W 100W
Maximum Combined Output Power 300W 300W 300W 300W
GPIB No Yes No Yes