B&K Precision 1604A – Single Output Isolation Transformer


Single Output Isolation Transformer, 110VAC input only

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BK Precision 1604A – Single Output Isolation Transformer
Less than 0.1 mA leakage
117 to 129 V typical output voltage
120 V input
1.25 A continuous output current
The 1604A (single output) isolation transformer provides the necessary safety factor for servicing any transformerless AC powered equipment.

The B & K Precision Model 1604A Isolation Transformer provides the necessary safety factor. The 1.25 amp continuous output current rating is adequate for almost any solid-state television receiver. The 2 amp intermittent output current rating offers enough reserve for the occasional defective or “power-hungry” unit when cycled 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. Overload protection is provided by convenient front panel OVERLOAD circuit breakers; simply PUSH TO RESET.
Connect power plug of Model 1604A Isolation Transformer to 120 volt, 60 Hz ac wall outlet
Connect power plug of equipment under test to outlet on front panel of Model 1604A Isolation Transformer.
If OVER LOAD circuit breaker on front panel of unit trips after a few minutes operation, allow 5 minutes for cooling, then PUSH TO RESET.
If OVERLOAD circuit breaker trips immediately or after only a few seconds operation, the unit is severely overloaded. The equipment under test may be shorted. Do not PUSH TO RESET until the overload is removed.