American Prostat PRS-801B digital surface resistance tester

The Resistance System PRS-801B is an advanced electronic device designed for

precise measurement and analysis of electrical resistance in various

applications. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this system offers high

accuracy and reliability in evaluating the resistance levels of conductive

materials and components.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the PRS-801B provides efficient and

intuitive operation, making it an ideal tool for both professionals and

enthusiasts in fields such as electronics, telecommunications, and materials

science. Its versatile features enable users to perform quick and accurate

resistance measurements, aiding in the identification of potential issues within

electrical circuits and systems.

The PRS-801B is known for its robust construction and durability, ensuring

longevity and consistent performance in challenging environments. Whether

used for quality control in manufacturing processes or troubleshooting

electrical systems, this resistance system excels in delivering precise results,

contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of electrical equipment and



American Prostat PRS-801B digital surface resistance tester features:

System software newly upgraded imported PRS-801B resistor system software

-Data surface resistivity meter up to 200 TERAOHMS

-Accurate wide range resistance measurement: 0.01 Q to 2.00×10 14Q. The degree from 1.00 Q to 9.99×10 10 is 2%

-0.1 mv to 9.99 V variable operating voltage for low resistance measurements

-Stable detection operating voltage 10V and 100V compliant with ANSI/ESD S20.20

-Fully automatic resistor field operation

-Automatic measurement of working voltage control

-Application rechargeable battery carp battery pack

-Approximately 8000 measurements per charge (typically 480 hours)

-999 data running memory

-Use Prostat Connect 2.0 for bulk or standalone download to ExcelR application Micro USB cable for charging and downloading data 02 hour charge

-2-year limited warranty on key equipment

The Prostat PRS-801B digital surface resistance tester from the United States has an excellent performance combination of wide measurement speed and coverage. Its stable detection voltage system is very stable, consistent with laboratory-grade desktop all-in-one instruments, and has a wide range of instruments.

The wide range of the American Prostat PRS-801B digital surface resistance tester gives greater operational flexibility in measurement applications. The PRS-801B is the only rechargeable battery-powered instrument panel with a measurement range of .01 to 2.00×10 14. In fact, PRS-801B can be used as 3 instruments in 1:

Low-voltage range meter for measuring 0.01 to 1.0×10 4 . Large-band instruments cannot measure at 1.0×10 3 hms or less than 1.0×10 3 hms. Therefore, a typical ESD quality inspector must bring a digital multimeter to check the low resistance of the ground device connection.

American Prostat PRS-801B digital surface resistance tester complies with standards:

ESDTR53 compliance verification

ANSI/ESDS1 wrist strap.1

ANSI/ESD S4.1 Worksurfaces

ANSI/ESDSTM9.1 Footwear

ANSI/ESDSP10.1 automatic handling equipment

ANSI/ESDSTM11.12 volume resistance

ANSI/ESDSTM12.1 seat

ANSI/ESD S20.20 ANSI/ESDSTM2.1 Clothing

ANSI/ESDS7.1 Floor Materials

.2ANSI/ESDSP9 foot grounder

ANSI/ESDSTM11.11 surface resistance

ANSI/ESDSTM11.13 two-point resistor

ANSI/ESDS13.1 welding tools


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