American Prostat CVM-780 contact electrostatic voltmeter

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The CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter is a sophisticated instrument

designed for accurate measurement of electrical voltage in diverse

applications. Employing advanced technology, this voltmeter

ensures precision in readings across different contact points.

With its versatile features, the CVM-780 is well-suited for

applications in electronics, telecommunications, and various other

fields. The instrument boasts user-friendly controls and a clear

interface, catering to both professionals and enthusiasts.

Renowned for its reliability and durability, the CVM-780 Contact

Voltmeter is an indispensable tool for quality control in

manufacturing processes and troubleshooting electrical systems.

Whether used in laboratories or industrial environments, this

voltmeter contributes to enhancing the overall efficiency and

dependability of electrical equipment and installations.


American Prostat CVM-780 Contact Electrostatic Voltmeter Instruction Manual The high-impedance electrostatic voltmeter CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter™ meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirements and combines the ease of use of a digital voltmeter with the high input of a true electrostatic voltmeter. impedance and low input capacitance combined in a small, portable, battery-powered package. Being a true electrostatic voltmeter, not a field meter means it reads actual voltage without confusing it with electrostatic field strength, which is completely different. A Valuable ESD Analysis Tool The CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter™ is powered by a rechargeable Ni-Metal Hydride battery and is a valuable ESD analysis tool for the professional ESD practitioner. It measures voltages on conductors during manufacturing that can come into contact with ESD-sensitive devices causing machine model (MM) ESD events. It easily measures voltages on devices and subassemblies that cause Charged Device Model (CDM) and Charged Board (CBE) ESD events. Perfect Tips for Correct Measurements ESD events can occur whenever two metal parts come into contact creating EMI and RFI. The CVM-780’s ceramic prevents arcing, which can cause damaging transmitted energy and equipment interference. Metal is used to measure machine tools, production aids, chairs, carts and other objects in static sensitive environments. The ceramic tip is quite strong, but brittle, and is used only for ESDS equipment, while the metal plated tip is very strong and used for measuring non-ESD sensitive tools and equipment and performing routine audit measurements. Easy to use instrument

Operation of the CVM-780 is very simple: Connect the probe assembly to the CVM-780 ground unit using the supplied cable. Slide the power switch to the on position. Touch the probe to the front panel ground panel. Adjust the display to zero. Touch the probe to the object to measure the object. Portable , easy to use and accurate, the CVM-780 is designed for general audits and detailed manufacturing process analysis to find ESD issues and their causes. Use it to measure all critical points in statically sensitive manufacturing processes. Until now, it has been impossible to reveal the potential of such ESD events. The CVM-780 is a must-have for the serious ESD control team. Electrostatic voltage can be measured at almost any point in the manufacturing process with no discharge, no RFI, and no equipment damage. Basic Description High-impedance contact voltmeter with active probe DC characteristics Intended operating range: 0 to ±525 volts 1 volt 3-digit display

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