UEi K9206C2


Brand: UEi

Part #K9206C2

UEi Quintox Combustion Analyzer

with NO and NO2 Sensor Modules

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  • Base Unit Plus NO1/NO2 Sensor
  • Industrial emissions grade analyzer
  • Customizable sensor configurations with up to 5 sensors
  • Wireless handset to base or PC
  • On board plain paper printer
  • Heated sensor manifold to prevent condensation
  • Automatic fresh air purge
  • 1 Year limited warranty



1 – Combustion Analyzer (K9206) 1 – NO and NO2 Sensors 1 – Flue Probe Assembly (KMCSP6) 1 – Battery Charger (K9206BCH) 1 – Filter Bypass (FB1)


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