Rigol VSWR-DSA800 VSWR Measurement Kit


VSWR Measurement Kit (works with all Rigol DDSA800 series spectrum analyzers equipped with the tracking generator (-TG) option

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VSWR Measurement Kit
VSWR-DSA800 option (if used together with the VB1020 and DSA800-TG options) provides measurement functions of S11-related specifications (such as the return loss, reflection coefficient and VSWR).
Press Meas at the front panel and then press VSWR to enable the VSWR measurement function. The screen is divided into two windows with the upper window (the basic measurement window) displaying the sweep trace and the lower window displaying the measurement wizard and measurement results. Perform two measurements respectively according to the measurement wizard in the lower window: measurement with the device under test disconnected (Meas Setup → Cal Open, represented by trace 2) and measurement with the device under test connected (Meas Setup → VSWR, represented by trace 1). The return loss is determined by the difference (represented by the math trace) of the results of the two measurements and the reflection coefficient and VSWR are determined by the return loss.


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