Rigol Ultra Power Analyzer Power Analysis Software


PC Based Power Analysis Software for DS2000, DS4000, & MSO4000 Oscilloscopes with RPA 246 board

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Rigol UPA-DS – Ultra Power Analyzer, Power Analysis Software
Auto calibration of channel delay
Current harmonics analysis
Power quality analysis
Inrush current analysis
Power device analysis
Offline and online working modes
Power supplies are found in almost every electrical system and electronic device. The performance of a power supply can have a profound effect upon the overall performance and reliability of equipment and systems. It would be prudent, therefore, for power supply designers and manufacturers to characterise and evaluate their designs and production models in full.

Rigol Ultra Power Analyser is a PC application for the measurement and analysis of switch-mode power supplies. It forms part of a Rigol power supply analysis system – The other components required to complete a system are; a Rigol oscilloscope (MSO/DS2000A series, MSO/DS4000 series or DS6000 series) a Rigol high voltage differential probe, a Rigol current probe and a Rigol passive probe.

RIGOL Ultra Power Analyzer is a software of the RIGOL DS6000 series, MSO/ DS4000 series, and MSO/DS2000A series digital oscilloscopes. It can be used to analyze the Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS). This software can be run on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.
Main Features
Power quality analysis

The power quality characteristics of the power supply reflect the operating condition of the power supply. As the switch-mode power supply adds a non-linear load to the mains supply, the voltage and current waveforms are different and the input current waveform would contain harmonics.

This power quality measurement is required to test the power consumption and distortion on the mains supply. RIGOL Ultra Power Analyzer provides common power quality measurement.
Current harmonics analysis

The input current waveform contains harmonics. Nowadays, most of the AC-DC power supply design should conform to the IEC61000-3-2 current harmonic standard which specifies the limit of each order of harmonic for different classes of devices.

Ultra Power Analyzer supports the pre-testing for all four classes of devices and the measurement of up to 40 orders of harmonics.
Inrush current analysis

When the switch-mode power supply is turned on, the filter capacitance at the input terminal is equivalent to a transient short circuit and will generate a current with a short rise time.

The inrush current function is used to analyze the power- on waveform of the switch-mode power supply.
Output analysis

The measurement results provide the peak-peak value, maximum, minimum as well as the frequency corresponding to the maximum amplitude in the spectrum analysis of the AC component of the output signal.
Modulation analysis

The switch power supply usually uses feedback control loop to stabilize the output voltage.

The modulation analysis is mainly used to analyze the characteristics of the control loop of the switch power supply.
Safe operating area analysis

When designing the switch power supply, make sure that the switch device works in SOA (Safe Operating Area).

With the SOA function, the voltage and current of the switch device are displayed in X-Y mode. You can make a pass/fail test with the specification (in X-Y mode) of the switch device as a reference.
Power device analysis

Switch loss is the most important and difficult test item in the switch-mode power supply test, because the accuracy of the measurement result can only be ensured when the real switch point is recognized. Ultra Power Analyzer allows users to set the switch level and conduction. According to these settings, the loss can be calculated accurately.
Online/Offline Mode

In the online mode, it is possible to store the data in a *.csv file and to create a test report in html format.

In the offline mode, waveform data can be imported and a test report in html format can also be created.


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