Rigol RSA5065N-OCXO – 6.5 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer with Vector Network Analysis and OCXO Option Installed


RSA5000 Series 6.5 GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator and built in Vector Network Analysis mode for S11, S21, and DTF measurements equipped with OCXO frequency timebase

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Rigol RSA5065N-OCXO – 6.5 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer with Vector Network Analysis and OCXO Option Installed
Real time spectrum analyzer with vector network analysis
Frequency range: 9kHz to 6.5 GHz
VNA frequency range: 100kHz to 6.5 GHz
Includes OCXO option factory installed
Includes tracking generator
Ultra-Real technology
Rigol’s new RSA5000N with vector network analysis mode builds upon its well-known and proven Ultra Real platform.

The RSA5000N is a new generation of cost-efficient real-time spectrum analyzer. With excellent specifications and clear user interface, the RSA5000N enables user control through a 10.1” touchscreen, front panel buttons and keyboard/mouse. Remote communication interfaces are also available.

Several models to choose from

There are five RSA models with VNA capability. Part numbers are as follows:
Model Frequency Range VNA Frequency Range
RSA5065N 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz 100 kHz to 6.5 GHz
RSA5032N 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz 100 kHz to 3.2 GHz
RSA3045N 9 kHz to 4.5 GHz 100 kHz to 4.5 GHz
RSA3030N 9 kHz to 3 GHz 100 kHz to 3 GHz
RSA3015N 9 kHz to 1.5 GHz 100 kHz to 1.5 GHz
Vector network analysis

Customers needing to characterize active or passive components, identify signal path errors or tune antennas will benefit from the complete VNA solution.

Vector network analysis mode adds critical analysis capability by enabling complex measurements including distance to fault and S parameters.

Vector network analysis mode complements the other analysis capabilities of Rigol’s Ultra Real spectrum analyzers, including the advanced measurements in Smith mode, real time visualization, EMI pre-compliance analysis and vector signal analysis. VNA mode adds important debugging capabilities making the RSA5000N one of the most complete RF analysis instruments on the market and a powerful instrument for any RF engineer.

S11, or forward reflection co-efficient allows engineers to quickly visualize and measure their component’s response on a Smith chart and polar plane while measuring their component’s magnitude and SWR.

S21, or forward transmission coefficient allows engineers to quickly visualize how their components, including amplifiers, filters and cabling, affect impedance or phase as a function of frequency. View phase or group delay as a function of frequency, as well as magnitude to quickly determine and confirm critical specifications.
Distance to fault

Distance to fault measurements allow engineers to easily debug connectivity issues that cannot be seen from visual inspection, using an inverse for a transform methodology. The spectrum analyzer calculates the distance to the source of the signal’s reflection.
Integrates five measurement modes for multiple RF tests with one single instrument

The RSA5000 series provides EMI, RTSA, VSA, and VNA modes in addition to the traditional GPSA mode. Engineers may find it convenient to address multiple RF test challenges with just one instrument, effectively reducing their time and costs, greatly improving their working efficiency.
Advanced measurement mode provides test items required for the transmitter test such as multichannel power, ACP, and occupied BW
Quickly recall the limit line compliant with the CISPR standard (e.g. EN55011, EN55012, etc.) to carry out pre-test and monitor the target point with three different detectors.
With the Density spectrum, you can find out the exceptional signals hidden behind the high-level signals, and capture them accurately with the FMT.
You can freely set the way to display the measurement results, demonstrate multiple views of the signals at one time to obtain a clearer display effect through flexible adjustment of the display layout.
RSA5000 front panel features


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