Rigol NFP-3 RF Near Field Probe Kit


Near Field Probe, Requency Range: 30MHz to 3GHz

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Rigol NFP-3 – RF Near Field Probe Kit
Frequency Range: 30MHz to 3GHz
One set includes four types of probe, provides optimizing sensitivity and resolution
Minimum resolution: 2mm; able to capture near field radiation of single circuit line
Applicable for electromagnetic leakage testing inside the cable
The Rigol NFP-3 is used with RIGOL DSA series spectrum analyzer for the EMI tests of electronic products. It can be used to test the magnetic field strength and magnetic field coupling channels on the surface of the electronic components as well as the magnetic field environment near the electronic module so as to quickly locate the interference source. NFP-3 includes four models (NFP-3-P1, NFP-3-P2, NFP-3-P3 and NFP-3-P4).

Connect the spectrum analyzer

Connect the SMB (M) terminal of NFP-3 and the BNC (F) terminal of the N-BNC adaptor respectively via the BNC-SMB RF cable; connect the N (M) terminal of the N-BNC adaptor to the RF input terminal of the spectrum analyzer.

Connect the device under test

NFP-3 is used to perform short-distance noncontact measurement on the device under test. Pay attention to the direction of the probe during measuring.

Typical Application

Locate the EMI radiation interference source.
Determine the frequency and relative strength of the spectral component of the interference source.


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