Rigol EMI Bundle S1210 and EMI-DSA800, NFP-3


Software Bundle Includes EMI-DSA800, NFP-3 and S1210

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Rigol EMI Bundle
EMI Filter & Quasi-Peak Detector Kit (DSA800 Models)
EMI-DSA800 option provides Quasi-Peak detector and EMI filter (200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, -6 dB bandwidth). Quasi-Peak detection is a weighted form of peak detection. For each data point, the detector detects the peaks within the specified time interval, weights the peaks detected using circuit with specified charge and discharge structures as well as the display time constant specified in the CISPR Publication 16 standards and display the result.

By default, the instrument uses Gauss filter and will switch to EMI filter automatically if Quasi-Peak detector is selected. Press BW/Det at the front panel. Then, press Det Type to select Quasi-Peak detector. At this point, the instrument automatically changes the filter type to EMI and the Filter Type menu is grayed out and disabled. EMI-DSA800 option is used in electromagnetic interference test
Rigol NFP-3 RF Near Field Probe Kit
Frequency Range: 30MHz to 3GHz
One set includes four types of probe, provides optimizing sensitivity and resolution
A measurement tool for EMI pre-conformance testing, troubleshooting, and design verification
Determine frequency and relative intensity of the spectral components of the interference source
Minimum resolution: 2mm; able to capture near field radiation of single circuit line
Applicable for electromagnetic leakage testing inside the cable
The NFP-3 is used with RIGOL DSA series spectrum analyzer for the EMI tests of electronic products. It can be used to test the magnetic field strength and magnetic field coupling channels on the surface of the electronic components as well as the magnetic field environment near the electronic module so as to quickly locate the interference source. NFP-3 includes four models (NFP-3-P1, NFP-3-P2, NFP-3-P3 and NFP-3-P4).
Measurement Connections
The connection mode of NFP-3 and spectrum analyzer is as shown in the figure below.
Connect the spectrum analyzer
Connect the SMB (M) terminal of NFP-3 and the BNC (F) terminal of the N-BNC adaptor respectively via the BNC-SMB RF cable; connect the N (M) terminal of the N-BNC adaptor to the RF input terminal of the spectrum analyzer.

Connect the device under test
NFP-3 is used to perform short-distance noncontact measurement on the device under test. Pay attention to the direction of the probe during measuring.
Typical Applications
Locate the EMI radiation interference source.
Determine the frequency and relative strength of the spectral component of the interference source.
Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC Software Licence
Introduce the workspace concept; manage multiple measurements
Support the demo mode for you to enjoy a great user experience with the software, without connecting the instrument or obtaining a license
Provide data manager function for you to edit required files for the software
Provide amplitude correction function for you to preview the correction setting and get the calibration results in a timely manner
Provide pre san and final scan, support three trace display modes: “Clear/Write”, “Repeat Clear/Write”, and “Repeat Max Hold”
Provide the limit line for you to quickly judge the measurement results
Support segment scanning and editing for the table to accelerate the measurement speed
Frequency axis supports the scale display in linear or log format
Amplitude axis supports multiple amplitude units
Provide comprehensive peak search settings for you to search for the desired peaks that meet with your search conditions
Support importing and exporting the peak table
Support editing the marker table, marking any frequency point that interest you
Support the reference trace, easy for you to compare the measurement results
Support easy operation on the spectrum graph, convenient for you to analyze the results
Provide report generation function
The S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software is a PC application software developed by RIGOL for DSA1000A, DSA1000, DSA800 and DSA800E (with the EMI-DSA800 option) with the EMI function. This software is designed on the basis of the standard drive VISA and you can realize the communication between the software and instrument via USB-TMC or LAN interface to control the instrument.

You can perform conduction and radiation tests using S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software and RIGOL DSA series spectrum analyzer. You can measure the interference voltage on the power cable using the linear impedance stability network (LISN) and perform amplitude correction on the results by loading the correction factor (preamplifier, attenuator, antenna, cable, or correction array) automatically in the radiation test.

This software also provides various functions to facilitate your measurements. You can set various parameters (such as the frequency range, resolution bandwidth, and scan time) via the scan table. After performing a scan, the results can be displayed in log or linear format. You can search for signal peak value and view the results displayed in the peak table. Besides, you can mark and delete the undesired signal, as well as easily recognize signals that do not pass the standard limit line. The software also supports the marker table.
Product Functions

To quickly perform the EMI test with the software, we recommend you to follow the measurement procedures as shown in the figure below.
Correction Config
Load and select the correction file; compensate the gain or loss of the external devices (such as the antenna and cable). You can view the correction data in the Correction Preview.
Scan Config
Load and select the limit line file, set the limit lines, configure parameters for pre scan and final scan.
Segment Config
Set the parameters for the segment scan separately, and view the segment scan data sheet in the segment table. Besides, you can export the segment scan table currently edited, or import the edited segment scan table.
Graph Config
Set the graph axis and the graph title.
Pre Scan
Perform segment pre scan based on the segment scan setting to improve the measurement speed of the software. After the scan is completed, you can preview the measurement results in the spectrum graph, and compare the results with the set limit line value.
Peak Search
Perform the peak search operation. The software filters and marks the peak table according to the user-defined conditions. You can edit the peak table; add or delete frequency points; export/import the peak table.
Final Scan
The final scan provides a more accurate scan on the critical interference signals to ensure the measurement accuracy of the software.
Fill in the actual parameter values based on the current measurement environment, and add remarks if necessary. You can also print the activated measurement report for further progressing of the measurement values.


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