Rigol DSG821 – RF Signal Source for 9kHz to 2.1GHz


RF Signal Source from 9kHz-2.1GHz

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Rigol DSG821 – RF Signal Source for 9kHz to 2.1GHz
DSG800A series RF signal generator
9 kHz to 2.1 GHz frequency range
Highly cost-effective economical RF signal generator
Rigol DSG800 series RF signal generators are available in a variety of bandwidth ranges, as well as with optional IQ modulation capability. The DSG800 set a new standard for price and performance in a small form factor, providing low price, along with high capability and reliability.

The following is an overview of available models:
Model Frequency Range
DSG815 9 kHz-1.5 GHz
DSG821 9 kHz-2.1 GHz
DSG821A 9 kHz-2.1 GHz with IQ modulation
DSG830 9 kHz-3 GHz
DSG836 9 kHz-3.6 GHz
DSG836A 9 kHz-3.6 GHz with IQ modulation
Functions similar to those of high-level RF signal generators:
Flexible frequency and amplitude sweep functions
Complete AM/FM/ØM analog modulation functions
Standard LF output function
Powerful pulse modulation function
Open vector modulation function
System flatness calibration function
Simple and easy to operate
Measured at 0 dBm, Harmonics vs. frequency
Measured SSB phase noise
Maximum and minimum level vs. frequency
Measured maximum level vs. frequency


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