Reichert 13950000 Digital Refractometer

The Reichert 13950000 Digital Refractometer, part of the Refractix™ series, stands as an advanced solution for precise and versatile refractometry. Built upon the laboratory-grade accuracy of the AR200 Digital Refractometer, it incorporates features that cater to various industries such as food, beverage, beer, wine, chemical, veterinary, and automotive.


Universal Measurement Scales: The Refractix 13950000 comes pre-loaded with 50 measurement scales covering a broad range of applications. Additionally, it offers ample memory space to store hundreds of user-programmable scales, making it a truly universal refractometer.

Intuitive Interface: Featuring both a large color touchscreen and physical buttons, the device ensures a friendly and easy-to-use interface. The intuitive design allows users to start measurements swiftly.

Durable Construction: Built with a sapphire prism and stainless steel well, the refractometer ensures longevity. The sapphire is four times harder than the glass prisms found in competitor devices, and the shallow well design facilitates easy sample application and cleanup.

High-Resolution Linear Image Sensor: With a high-resolution linear image sensor comprising 1500 CCD elements, the Refractix 13950000 offers laboratory-grade accuracy and precision in a compact, portable format.

Scale Capacity: The device can handle up to 250 measurement scales, including 50 pre-loaded scales categorized into groups such as Food/Beverage, Beer/Wine/Spirits, Chemical, Veterinary, and Automotive. Users can quickly switch scales and mark favorites for easy access. Electronic Data Transfer: The refractometer supports electronic data transfer via USB-C or Bluetooth. It can connect to the RefractixSync PC application for real-time measurement transfer or data log download.

Measurement Log: The built-in measurement log can store up to 5,000 entries, allowing users to conveniently track and analyze data.

Temperature Compensation: Ensures that measurements are adjusted to each scale’s reference temperature, providing accurate and reliable results.

Temperature Stability Detection: Warns if the temperature is changing too rapidly, contributing to measurement accuracy.

Rechargeable and Plug-in Power: Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the refractometer offers flexibility as a portable device or a tabletop lab instrument when plugged in.

Protective Sleeve and Storage Case: The durable protective sleeve provides a comfortable grip and safeguards the refractometer, while the rugged storage case with shock-resistant foam ensures secure storage and transport of the device and its accessories.


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