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MRU SWG-100 CEM Emission Monitoring System

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The MRU SWG-100 CEM Emission Monitoring System is designed for use in the harsh industrial environment of different combustion sites, where flue gas emissions must be continuously monitored. The SWG-100 CEM can be installed in outdoor or indoor locations. The analyzer system can be configured with different gas sampling probes and sampling lines to optimize the sample gas preparation.

The SWG-100 CEM is used in a variety of industrial applications including:

  • Small power plants, small gas turbines
  • Food industry steam boilers
  • Cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP)
  • Bio methane and methane boilers
  • Waste incinerators, ovens and kilns
  • Ethanol and palm oil plants and more
  • Industrial heaters and dryers



  • Compact industrial design
  • Simultaneous measures up to 6 gases
  • Field replaceable sensors
  • Measures O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOX, NO2, SO2 (cells sold separately)
  • Infrared module (NDIR) for CO2 measurement
  • 3.5in TFT color and backlit display
  • Direct and continuous/discontinuous measurement
  • RS485 digital data transfer


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