Mensor CPG2500

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MENSOR CPG2500 Pressure Indicator
Two-channel pressure indicator with internal barometric reference optional

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The Mensor CPG2500 pressure indicator is a highly accurate instrument ideal or use in calibration laboratories and manufacturing facilities as a source for precise pressure measurement. The CPG2500 can be used to verify the accuracy of field pressure indicators/transmitters; as a pressure standard for calibration labs; as a transfer standard for remote transducers; and wherever there is a need for a high level of pressure accuracy in manufacturing, testing and calibration of pressure instruments or gauges.

The CPG2500 can be configured with 1 or 2 internal pressure transducers. The transducer channels are pneumatically isolated so that one channel can be configured for high pressures and the other for low. An optional barometric reference sensor can be added internally to display barometric pressure or used to emulate gauge or absolute pressure.

The user interface for the Mensor CPG2500 pressure indicator is a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen display. Navigation within the intuitive menu structure is easily learned. Recognizable touchscreen icons open screens for configuration and calibration. Communicating to a remote computer is achieved through RS-232, IEEE-488, USB or Ethernet. Communication commands and queries are consistent with previous Mensor digital pressure gauges.


  • Two channels for removable pressure transducers
    • Ranges and accuracy depend on sensor
  • Optional barometer can be integrated with this indicator
    • 8 to 17 psia with 0.01% of reading accuracy
  • Remote communication via RS-232, IEEE, Ethernet and USB
  • Intuitive user interface for quick operation & selection
  • Reading rate of 10 readings/ second
  • Ideal for on-line pressure measurement & leak test procedures


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