Instek SPS-2415 0-24V 0-15A DC Switching Mode Power Supply


360W DC Switching Power Supply 0-24V, 0-15A

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Instek SPS-2415 0-24V, 0-15A D.C. Switching Power Supply
With more extensive range of input voltage
With high frequency operation can reduce the size of power transformer
With small size, light weight and high density power
Entire efficiency rate higher up to 70%.
Auto control the voltage and current mode.
3 outputs with full Voltage control
Zero adjustment for the output of voltage and current
The SPS-Series are single output, 360W, switching DC power supply. OVP protects the SPS-Series and their load from unexpected conditions. High regulation is maintained at 0.01%. Remote sensing adds an extra level of precision by compensating cable losses between loads. Turning the output On/Off from the external device is available through Remote control terminals. The GPS-Series are an ideal solution for power-efficient bench-top or portable applications requiring high regulation.
The series of switching power supplies for measuring instrument has ruled out the inconvenience of big volume and heavyweight of a traditional power supply possess.
The output voltage and current are controlled by two variable resistors with coarse and fine regulation for more handy and precise adjustment.


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