Instek SFG-1013 3MHz DDS Function Generator with Voltage Display


3MHz DDS Function Generator w/ voltage display

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Instek SFG-1013 – 3MHz DDS Function Generator with Voltage Display
Digital user interface with 6-digit LED display
TTL output
Amplitude control
−40dB attenuation
Duty control
Variable DC offset control
Variable DC offset control
SFG-1000 Series, an economic function generator with high accuracy and high stability output, is designed based on the DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology embedded in a large scale FPGA. The frequency range of 3MHz and the output waveform selection as Sine, Square, Triangle and TTL of SFG-1000 Series adequately provide the fundamental features to ensure high confidence for the test results. The DDS technology at an affordable price gives a high-value solution to the users who need a signal source for accurate but unsophisticated measurement applications.
Stable Signal Source
The frequency drift and the amplitude instability of conventional signal sources are fatal uncertainties to the high-accuracy measurements. SFG-1000 Series employs PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) circuitry to generate a stable waveform at 20ppm accuracy & stability covering the frequency range from 0.1Hz up to 3MHz. When SFG-1000 Series is utilized to conduct experiments in the laboratory, it secures the signal source reliability, which is beyond the reach of any traditional signal generators.
Low Distortion
To most of the test engineers, it is always an annoyance trying to get rid of the ringing coming from the signal source being used to stimulate the DUT. The high precision measurements need to employ a signal source without the existence of harmonic components, which adhere to the oscillator of a conventional signal generator circuit. SFG-1000 Series, built over a DDS platform, generates the waveform through high-performance DAC and high-speed comparator to effectively avoid the generation of harmonic components. Utilizing direct digital synthesis technology, SFG-1000 Series provides an output waveform with 55dBc low distortion ranging from 2mVpp to 10Vpp output level. At the press of a button, you get a stable and high purity output signal from SFG-1000 Series right away.
User-Friendly Human Interface
The thoughtful human interface of SFG-1000 Series gives users a friendly operating environment. There is no need to go through a long and tedious learning curve to get used to the operations of the product. The key operation functions and the output on/off control are the advanced features that could only be seen on the high-end devices. You could enjoy all these conveniences at a very affordable cost.
All-Around Functionality
Signal output with selectable waveform among Sine, Square, and Triangle, and an additional signal output at TTL level are included in the SFG-1000 Series. The output control features include frequency adjustment, +/-5V DC offset, and 40dB attenuation. All the fundamental features of a signal generator are well equipped on SFG-1000 Series with high accuracy and stability. Combining convenience, accuracy, and economic cost, SFG-1000 Series 3 represents the beauty of GW Instek’s design.
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