Instek PSU 60-25 (0~60V / 0~25A / 1500W) Single Channel Programmable Switching DC Power Supply


Programmable 60VDC – 25A, 1U high, 1500W

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Instek PSU 60-25 – 1500W Programmable Switching DC Power Supply
PSU 60-25 (0~60V / 0~25A / 1500W)
Single Channel Programmable Switching DC Power Supply
Voltage Rating: 60V
Output Power Rating: 1500W
PSU-Series Overview

Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply

GW Instek PSU-series power supply with 1U height is highly praised by various markets and it is widely utilized by system integrators. The PSU-series provides 10 models including 6V/200A, 12.5V/120A, 20V/76A, 40V/38A, 60V/25A, 100V/15A, 150V/10A, 300V/5A, 400V/3.8A, and 600V/2.6A. Via 4 units of the same models in parallel connection, the maximum output current at 6V reaches 800A. It meets the demands of low voltage and high current, and high power density. PSU is suitable for electric components manufacturers to verify withstanding current tests of 100A and above. Such tests include micro-resistor, relay, shunt resistors etc. The high voltage models of the PSU-series, with maximum voltage output of 600V and power output of 1560 watts, not only can fully satisfy the extensive voltage demands of 1U power supply market but also provides system integrators with more flexible system integration.

The flexible arrangement of the PSU-series can reduce investment on test equipment facing different voltage and current test regulations. The PSU-series is a single power output DC programmable power supply, which outputs 1200W to 1560W. The PSU-series provides maximum 2 units in series connection (models under 300V) to achieve maximum 600V or 4 units in parallel connection to obtain maximum 800A and the maximum output power of 6.24 kilowatts.

The PSU-series allows settings for CC priority or CV priority. Under CC or CV mode, users can adjust slew rate for output voltage or current based upon test requirements. There are two kinds of slew rate settings: high speed priority and slew rate priority. High speed priority sets slew rate at the maximum speed to reach CC or CV mode. Slew rate priority allows users to set slew rate for CC or CV mode in order to control rise or fall slew rate. Slew rate priority mode is ideal for motor tests because it can protect DUT from being damaged by inrush current occurred at turn-on.

Comparing with other 1U power supplies available in the market, PSU-series supports a most complete array of interfaces, including USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, analog control interface, GPIB (option), isolated analog interface (voltage control), and isolated analog interface (current control). Via the multi-drop mode, PSU-series will not need any switch/hub and GPIB cable for remote control and slave unit augmentation when using LAN, USB or GPIB. This feature can help users save costs on equipment.

The PSU-series is ideal for the primary input of DC/DC converter and servo motor production application. PSU-series is often integrated into component test systems such as aging test equipment for capacitors; 600V DC bias applications; aging test equipment for diode; semiconductor production equipment; automotive electronics; and ECU for V8 engine or V12 engine, etc.

The PSU-series provides users with flexible settings of High/Low Level or Trigger input/Trigger output with pulse width of 1 ~ 60ms. Trigger input controls PSU-series to output or upload preset voltage, current and memory parameters. While outputting or uploading preset voltage, current and memory parameters PSU-series can produce corresponding Trigger output signals.
Series and Parallel Connections
Series Operation
Model Single Unit Two Units
PSU 6-200 6V/200A 12V/200A
PSU 12.5-120 I2-5V/120A 25V/120A
PSU 20-76 20V/76A 40V/76A
PSU 40-38 40v/33A 80V/38A
PSU 60-25 60V/25A 120V/25A
PSU 100-15 100V/15A 200V/15A
PSU 1500-10 100V/10A 300V/10A
PSU 300-5 300V/5A 600V/5A
PSU 400-3.8 400V/3.8A NA
PSU 600-2.6 600V/2.6A NA
Parallel Operation
Model Single Unit Two Units Three Units Four Units
PSU 6-200 6V/200A 6V/400A 6V/600A 6V/800A
PSU 12.5-120 12.5V/120A 12.5V/240A 12.5V/360A 12.5V/480A
PSU 20-76 20V/76A 20V/152A 20V/228A 20V/304A
PSU 40-38 40v/38A 40V/76A 40V/114A 40V/152A
PSU 60-25 60V/25A 60V/50A 60V/75A 60V/100A
PSU 100-15 100V/15A 100V/30A 100V/45A 100V/60A
PSU 150-10 150V/10A 150V/20A 150V/30A 150V/40A
PSU 300-5 300V/5A 300V/10A 300V/15A 300V/20A
PSU 400-3.8 400V/3.8A 400V/7.6A 400V/11.4A 400V/15.2A
PSU 600-2.6 600V/2.6A 600V/5.2A 600V/7.8A 600V/10.4A
Remark: 1U = 43.6mm
To augment output power, the PSU-series can realize two-fold rated power(models under 300V)via 2 same model units in series connection; and four-fold rated power via 4 same model units in parallel connection so as to satisfy customers with large voltage and large current requirements. 2U height units in series connection can achieve maximum 600V output. 4U height units in parallel connection can output maximum 800A and 6240W.
Remote Program Control
Provide RS-232, RS-485, USB, GPIB and LAN for PC to remote control Master PSU-Series. RJ-45 connector on the rear panel can connect up to 31 units. LAN or USB remote control and augmenting slave units by using PSU-Series multi-drop mode will no longer need any switch/hub that can help customers save equipment costs.
C.V/C.C Priority Mode
Under the conventional C.V mode, inrush current and surge voltage appeared at forward voltage (Vf ) of LED.
Under C.C priority mode, inrush and surge voltage are effectively restrained.
Conventional power supplies under the CV priority mode will produce inrush current and surge voltage at turn-on. The PSU series has CV and CC priority modes. The CC priority mode can prevent inrush current and surge voltage from occurring at turn-on to protect DUT.
Adjustable Slew Rate
The PSU series can adjust slew rate for current and voltage. Via setting the rise and fall time of voltage and current, users can verify DUT’s characteristics during voltage and current variation. Additionally, slew rate adjustment can mitigate voltage shift to effectively prevent DUT from being damaged by inrush current. This function is ideal for tests such as capacitive load and motor.
Trigger Control
PSU-series provides users with complete trigger input and trigger output functions so as to flexibly control PSU-series. Each function is elaborated as follows.

Trigger Input function:
Allow users to set the effective pulse width from 0~60ms for trigger input (0: the LOW or HIGH signal of DC level for trigger input)
Receive trigger input to control PSU-series output or to output preset voltage and current.
Receive trigger input to upload preset memory parameters.
Trigger Output function:
Allow users to set the effective pulse width from 0~60ms for trigger output (0: the LOW or HIGH signal of DC level for trigger output)
Set LOW or HIGH for output DC level
PSU produces trigger output signal when setting output or changing preset value or uploading preset memory parameters.
Bleeder Control
PSU-Series Built-in Bleed Resistor
The PSU-Series employs a bleed resistor in parallel with the output terminal. Bleed resistor is designed to dispatch the power from the power supply filter capacitors when power is turned off or the load is disconnected. Without a bleed resistor, power terminal may remain charged on the filter capacitors for some time and be potentially hazardous. In addition, bleed resistor also allows for smoother voltage regulation of the power supply as the bleed resistor acts as a minimum voltage load. The bleed resistance can be turned on or off using the configuration setting.
Various Interfaces Support
Analog Control Interface.
Interface for Remote Control. RS485/RS232
LAN Port for System Communication
USB Interface for Remote Control
GPIB Interface for Remote Control
Isolate Voltage Remote Control Card
Isolate Current Remote Control Card
Using the Rack Mount Kit
Rack Mount Kit for PSU-Series EIA and JIS
The rack mount kit of the PSU-Series supports both EIA and JIS standards. A standard rack can accommodate one unit of the PSU-Series.
Output ON/OFF Delay
The Output On/Off delay feature enables the setting of a specific time delay for output on after the power supply output is turned on, and a specific time delay for output off after the power supply output is turned off. When multiple PSU units are used, the On/Off delay time of each unit can be set respectively referring to fix time points. This multiple-output control can be done through the analog control terminal at rear panel or through the PC programming with standard commands.


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