Instek PSS-3203GP 32V/3A Programmable DC Power Supply, GPIB Interface


Programmable DC Linear 0-32Vx1, 0-3Ax1, 96W WITH GPIB

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Instek PSS-3203GP 96W Programmable D.C. Power Supply GPIB Interface
An overall digitalization of programmable interface with high resolution
The 16 ×2 LCD Display
High stability and low draft
The function of over voltage/current/temperature protection
Intelligent control fan
Warning signal by the built-in Buzzer
Step by step calibration procedure
Brand new panel design and the 1/4 rack size reduction volume design
PSS-series Programmable Power Supply is controlled by Micro Processor Unit (MPU) that can easily connect communication interface RS-232 or GPIB to the computer in order to satisfy users’ demand for auto-testing and auto-control.

The voltage and current are completely controlled by a 12 bits D/A Converter with higher resolution and accuracy. Also, the digitalization of the system makes a speedy, precise, and convenient input of information controlled by keyboard and wheel knob.

The adjustment of voltage/current is made by software calibration without man-made error that will increase the preciseness of the instrument.

The function of Over Voltage Protection (OVP) and Over Current Protection (OCP) is set with software and detected with hardware to achieve protected functions precisely and speedily in order to secure users from danger by using the instrument.


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