Instek PSP-405 405 0-40V, 0-5A Power Supply


Power Supply, Programmable Switching, 0-40VDC, 0-5A, 200W

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Instek PSP-405 – 405 0-40V, 0-5A Switching DC Power Supply
Programmable switching power supply
Backlit liquid crystal display
EMV-tested and fulfills the requirements of the applicable European and national directives
The PSP-Series are single output, 200W, programmable switching DC power supplies. OVL, OCL, OTP, and OPL protect the PSP-Series and its loads from unexpected conditions. The PSP-Series have large LCD panels do display output and parameter simultaneously and a key lock feature to prevent changing the settings. The PSP-Series is suitable for generic bench-top applications in laboratories and educational institutions.


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