Instek PEL-3211H 2100W/800V Booster Unit


2100 W/800V Booster Unit [for use with PEL-3111H only]

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Instek PEL-3000(H) Series D.C. Electronic Load
2100W/800V Booster unit for use with PEL-3111H only
Operating voltage (DC):0~150V(PEL-3000)/ 0~800V(PEL-3000H)
Operating Mode : C.C / C.V / C.R / C.P / CC+CV / CR+CV / CP+CV
Flexible Power Combinations, High-Speed and Versatile Load Simulations
The PEL-3000 series, a single-channel, programmable D.C. electronic load with 0.01mA current resolution and 16A/μs current Slew Rate, is very ideal for testing server power supply and SPS (Switching Power Supply) for commercial and industrial computers. For a heavy-duty device like cloud ecosystem running 24-hour nonstop operations, a stable and high-power power supply, ranging from 175W to 1050W, is required to maintain the normal operation of server, Hub, and the equipment of data storage and internet communications. Owing to the increasing demand of data transmission and large scale data storage of telecommunications systems, the infrastructure of internet communications is in the pace of rapid expansion. This has greatly boosted the market demand of telecommunications equipment powered by power supply of 2000W and above. The flexible power combination of PEL-3000 meets the test requirements of present high-power power supply.

The PEL-3000H programmable DC Electronic load, which not only inherited functions and features from the PEL-3000 series but providing three current ranges for all PEL-3000H series and adding voltage monitor BNC terminals on the front panel. The PEL-3000H series, a single-channel, programmable D.C. electronic load with 800V and 0.84A/μs current Slew Rate, is ideal for the test of the high voltage devices such as the EV & HEV in-vehicle chargers, DC/DC converters or high-voltage batteries.


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