Instek MFG-2260MRA – Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator, 320MHz RF Generator


60MHz Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator w/Pulse Generator Modulation, 320MHz RF Signal Generator, Power Amplifier

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Instek MFG-2260MRA – Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator, 320MHz RF Generator
Model MFG-2260MRA
60MHz dual channel arbitrary function generator
25MHz pulse generator
320MHz RF generator
20W/20dB power amplifier
Model CH1 (Function with ARB) CH2 (Function with ARB) 25MHz
Pulse Generator RF Generator ( With ARB) Power Amplifier Modulation/Sweep/ Burst/Frequency Counter
MFG-2110 10MHz •
MFG-2120 20MHz •
MFG-2120MA 20MHz • • •
MFG-2130M 30MHz • •
MFG-2160MF 60MHz • 160MHz •
MFG-2160MR 60MHz • 320MHz •
MFG-2230M 30MHz 30MHz • •
MFG-2260M 60MHz 60MHz • •
MFG-2260MFA 60MHz 60MHz • 160MHz • •
MFG-2260MRA 60MHz 60MHz • 320MHz • •
MFG-2220HM 200MHz 200MHz • •
Multi-channel signal outputs to satisfy your diversified signal requirements

The output channels of MFG-2100 models include one single-channel 10M/20M/30M/60MHz ARB generator; one 25MHz pulse generator; one 160MHz or 320MHz RF signal generator (MFG-2160MF/MFG-2160MR) and one power amplifier (MFG-2120MA only).

The AFG channel of the MFG-2100 series outputs sine, square, and triangle, etc. The series features true point-by-point output arbitrary waveform characteristics of 200 MHz sample rate, 100MHz waveform repetition rate, 14 bit resolution, and 16k point memory depth. Some models provide various modulation methods such as AM/FM/PM/FSK/PWM, Sweep, Burst, Trigger, 150MHz Frequency Counter. Synchronized dual channel models provide correlated functions, including synchronization, delay, sum, and coupling. RF signal generator, a complete AFG signal source (including ARB), features various modulations, Sweep, and digital modulations such as ASK and PSK and its sine wave frequency is up to 320MHz. A full-function pulse generator with 25 MHz is equipped to all models and its pulse width, rise edge time, fall edge time are adjustable that can be applied as trigger signals. Independent input/output power amplifier with 20W, 10dB, DC-100KHz bandwidth, and distortion less than 0.1% can be applied to the audio application.

1. TFT LCD Panel
2. Number Panel
3. Scroll Knob & Selection Key
4. Power switch
5. Output Terminal
6. Main Output Switch
7. Function Keys
8. Operation Keys
9. USB Host
10. Trigger & Modulation Input
11. Sync and Counter Input
12. Fan
13. Power Amplifier Input & Output
14. LAN (MFG-22XX only)
15. USB Device


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