Instek LCR-915 10khz Hand Held LCR Meter


10KHz Hand Held LCR Meter

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Instek LCR-915 10khz Hand Held LCR Meter
20,000/2,000 Counts Dual Display
Test Frequency : 100/120Hz/1/10kHz
Auto LCR Mode for DUT Measuring
0.2% Basic Accuracy
Measurement Parameter : L,C,R,D,Q,ESR,θ,DCR
Parallel/Series Testing Mode
Sorting Mode for Quality Control
The LCR-915 is a smart, convenient and fully-functional dual display handheld LCR meter. The test frequency extends as high as 10 kHz, providing greater flexibility to test a wider range of components.The LCR-915 uses a dual 20,000/2000 count display.

The 20000 count display is used for displaying primary parameters such as:
And a 2000 count display is for secondary parameters such as: Q D θ ESR RP. Secondary measurements can also be combined with the primery measurement while the primary measurement is still being taken.

The LCR-915 provides two measurement methods, 2 wire and 5 wire measurement, the LCR-915 also come with a host of various standard or optional accessories to assist in testing a number of different component types. The meters also include handy functions such as data hold, tolerance sorting, and zero mode.

The meters’ USB interface can be used to log data to a PC using the LCR900 software and provide the DC 5V needed to power the meter (Optional).

With the LCR-915, you can perform quick and basic LCR measurements with precision at an affordable price.

Auto LCR Mode

The meter automatically identifies the specified L, C, or R parameters for both parallel and series circuits while the DUT is being measured. This AUTO LCR mode can be active for the selected function or every time the meter is turned on.
Connectivity for data logging to PC

The LCR900 (optional) software is available for your handheld LCR meter. This software is to configure the measurement parameters and automate the recording of continuous readings.
Complete Accessories

The meter is provided with a complete accessories kit as standard or optional including alligator clips, an SMD test probe, a USB cable, an AC adaptor, 4Wire DIP test lead and a shorting cube to increase measurement options.
Flexible Operation

AA sized batteries, USB power (optional) or an AC adapter (optional) can be used to power the meters, giving you a number of options for portability.


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