Instek LCR-8230 – High Frequency LCR Meter, 10Hz – 30MHz


10Hz~30MHz High-Precision LCR Meter

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Instek LCR-8230 – High Frequency LCR Meter, 10Hz – 30MHz
LCR-8200 series
High frequency LCR meter
10Hz – 30MHz test frequency
0.08% basic accuracy
7 inch LCD color display
The LCR-8200 is the latest LCR meter series from Instek, featuring a maximum text frequency of up to 30 MHz. The LCR-8200 features a 7 inch color display and high measurement accuracy of 0.08%. Measurement results can be presented numerically or graphically according to the selected measurement mode, enabling users to easily interpret the characteristics of the DUT.

The LCR-8200 features a full range of standard interfaces, including USB device, RS-232C, handler and GPIB, which enable users to control the instrument by the most familiar and convenient method. In addition, a USB storage function operates when being used in graphics mode – this saves all measured characteristic curves and values of the DUT for subsequent analysis. The LCR-8200 also provides a Handler interface for system integration of PLCs or sorters.
LCR-8200 Front and Back Panel
USB Host
7″ TFT-LCD Display
Arrow Keys/Enter
Key Lock
Trigger Host
Test Terminals
Handler I/O Port
RS-232 Port
LAN Port
Trigger Device
USB Device

The Presentation of Flexible Measurement Combinations

The LCR-8200 enables users to easily select and arrange measurement parameters. Users can select between one and four parameters, from a total of 17 available choices. The presentation order is user configurable, and set parameters can be stored in internal and external memory groups for subsequent usage.

Independent Setting Judgment

Each selected test parameter can independently set judgement and comparison, including value, difference value and difference percentage. The display method can also be based off of value, difference value, or difference percentage, which will self define the presentation of test results, making the observation more inline with actual needs. In addition to a warning sound, all parameters set for comparison judgement will be displayed in different colors.

List Measurement

The 15-point LIST measurement mode provides measurement values at a specific frequency or voltage of the DUT, and each set point can set independent comparison and judgement. When the trigger mode is set to “AUTO”, the display “WAIT ON” will appear on the measurement screen and LCR-8200 will detect the contact status of the fixture. When the DUT is connected, the test will start automatically.

Hyperbolic Sweep

Up to 2 characteristic parameters of the DUT can be swept at the same time. Sweep type, axis form and more can be set according the actual demands. After the sweep is completed, automatic adjustment can be used to obtain the best observation display. The movable cursor can be used to obtain the measurement result of the specific position. Swept display and point values can be saved to a flash drive via USB host.

Bin Function

BIN settings for one specific parameter provide to up to 9 BIN positions. Set the judgement basis for individual classifications according to the desired BIN method and limit value mode. The results of this sorting can be obtained through the Handler interface. If directly connected to an external device such as a sorter, an immediate sorting can be performed.

Complete Standard Interfaces

The LCR-8200 includes a variety of standard PC connection interfaces, including RS-232C, USB device, LAN and GPIB. It also provides a Handler interface for PLC external control.


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