Instek GSP-730 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer


Entry level Spectrum Analyzer 150KHz – 3GHz

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Instek GSP-730 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Autoset with automatic floor level and span
Marker table function
Limit line testing
Split window display
ACPR measurement
OCBW measurement
Automatic resolution bandwidth mode
Tune-key Solution for RF and Communication Experiment Courses

GW Instek GSP-730 is a 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer mainly developed to fulfill the demands of RF Communication educations. Budget constraint and insufficient teaching tools are normally the two hurdles for schools to provide high-quality courses for RF communication experiments. A moderate spectrum analyzer, GSP-730, featuring full functions should provide, along with GRF-1300 training kit possesses a unique position in the field as an economic turn-key solution for 3GHz RF Communication Experiment courses.

With its components, GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer, GRF-1300 Trainer and a PC, properly connected, a tangible system is integrated for performing ongoing experiments while the lecture is given. Using a PC, the teacher can present teaching material with PowerPoint slide and simultaneously control GSP-730 and GRF-1300 to perform experiments and get spectrum displays and parameter readings on the PC screen. GSP-730 and GRF-1300 easily transferred the current teaching materials, including the PowerPoint slides, textbook, and a remote control software, into electronic-teaching system.
The combination of GSP-730 and GRF-1300 forms a fundamental training system for RF communication and telecommunication classes in the universities, colleges, vocational schools, and the training centers in military as well as private companies. Instead of the tremendous cost of the installation of new training system, the conjunction of GSP-730 and GRF-1300 provides an economic solution to eliminate two obstacles, budget constraint and insufficiency of teaching tools.

A Turn-Key Solution to Clear Away Two Obstacles

GSP-730, carrying 3GHZ bandwidth and measurement functions including Autoset, Split Window, Limit Line, ACPR and OCBW etc., is regarded as the advanced educations of Mobile Communications (GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE…), Wi-Fi, Zigbee and RFID in the Electronic or the Communication classes. The USB ports, the RS-232 interface and the VGA video output facilitate the teaching efficiency. The combination of GSP-730 and GRF-1300 RF communication training is a turn-key system for both lecture and hands-on training purposes.

GRF-1300 RF communication trainer, as the counterpart GSP-730 for the basic RF communication experiment system, is capable of generating a baseband signal and a RF carrier signal for the built-in AM and FM communication operations. The baseband signal output contains the selections of Sine, Triangle, and Square waveforms in the frequency range of 100kHz ~ 3MHz, whereas the RF signal output is a frequency-variable Sine wave in the range of 870 ~ 920 MHz. Connecting the baseband signal output with AM or FM inputs on the panel, GRF-1300 produces AM or FM signal output respectively by using the internal RF signal as the modulation carrier according to user’s selected frequency.

An Experiment Textbook (student’s book) is available as the standard accessory of GRF-1300 to provide experiment courses. The curriculum of the textbook includes the introduction of the frequency domain and the time domain concepts, the operation theories of a spectrum analyzer, and nine experiments to perform hands-on training for the learning of basics RF communication theories and the RF measurement techniques using a spectrum analyzer. A CD, containing power-point slides for course presentation and the remote-control software for experiment, is attainable with GRF-1300, allowing teacher to give lecture of experiment theories and perform experiment simultaneously.

Another Experiment Textbook (teacher’s book) is accessible as an optional accessory of GRF-1300, in addition to the same contents in the student’s book, this book provides the experiment results to the questions and as well as some advanced experiment theories. Thus, a section of test-for-learning outcomes can also be seen in the lecturers’ material in order to guide the students from the faulty diagnosis to the correct one in a RF communication circuitry. On the GRF-1300 panel, there are five test points set at different joints of circuit blocks. Through turning on or off the corresponding relays of the five test points enables the teachers to simulate the faults and teach students diagnosis technique.
Introductions of Frequency Domain, Time Domain, and Spectrum, Analyzer Basics.
9 Experiments Include
Operations of Spectrum Analyzer
Base band and RF signal measurements
Communication system and product measurements
Learning Outcome Tests
Auxiliary Tools
PPT files including all experiments contents
Remote control software to control GRF-1300, GSP-730 simultaneously
Experiment text books including the student version and the teacher (optional)
In class, teacher can connect GSP-730 and GRF1300 with PC via USB or RS-232 interface. First of all, all the contents of experiment has been converted into power-point slide and provided as the in class materials. During lecturing the power-point slides, both GSP-730 and GRF-1300 can be remotely set by GRF Training System Control Software. Moreover, the signal shown on GSP-730 can be transferred to PC screen for further research. As a result, GSP-730 and GRF-1300 form an inclusive electronic-teaching-material package which efficiently simplifies lecturers’ tasks before classes and shortens the process of the material preparation, and meanwhile, enhances the quality of the lecture. If the PC can only offer one USB interface, an extra purchase of USB hub* may solve the problem of insufficient USB interfaces. With proper installation, PC can manage the conjunction of GSP-730 and GRF-1300.
The dedicated PC software, Primary RF, is provided to support the remote control of GSP-730 and GRF-1300 simultaneously. The control includes base band signal waveform, frequency and RF signal frequency for GRF-1300 and Frequency, Span, Amplitude, RBW and spectrum transferring of GSP-730.
The Autoset function automatically captures the signal and configures an appropriate setting for the optimum spectrum display at just one press of the button. With the Autoset function, using a spectrum analyzer like GSP-730 is no longer annoying and complicated task
The GSP-730 can illustrate a signal with three colors simultaneously under various display modes, including Clear/Write, Max-Peak Hold, Mon-Peak Hold, View, Blank and Average. Other useful trace functions such as trace math operations are also accomplishable.
Five Markers can be used to obtain the measurement readings of specified points. Each marker has a counterpart ΔMarker, the amplitude difference can be measured and indicated by setting the frequency of marker and the interval frequency of ΔMarker between two signals. While several pairs of Markers are used for marking more than one pair of signals at the same time, the Marker Table can be turned on and it can process all the tests and demonstrate the reading figures.
The intuitive icons help user grasp the current setting conditions all the time. As all status icons are clearly shown at the corner of the screen, there is no need to worry about the unknown settings, which may cause confusion and lead to measurement errors.
Under Split Window Display Mode, the monitor will display two independent screens, which can respectively have separated settings. For instance, if processing the test between fundamental and harmonic signals, the separated screens can respectively set at different frequencies at the same time in order to process the measurement.
This function may run the “Pass” and “Fail” inspection with efficiency. Firstly, a limit line or upper and lower limit lines should be edited as the judgement criterion, then the LCD will display “Pass” or “Fail” according to whether the input signal meets the condition defined by the limit lines to indicate the examined outcome.
GSP-730 provides measurement functions such as ACPR, OCBW, and Channel Power. These items are regulated to be tested in recent communication systems, such as CDMA system. GSP-730 will illustrate channels by various colors so that the operation may become more precise and may minimize the errors.
The USB host interface on GSP-730 front panel allows the measuring diagrams to be saved in the memory stick. The USB Device and RS232 interfaces on the rear panel are capable of connecting with PC for remote control. VGA output can transfer whatever demonstrated on the LCD display to other display device or projector, which will strengthen the impression while giving the lectures.

GSP-730 3GHZ Spectrum Analyzer
LCD Display
Function Keys
Meny Keys
Hardcopy Key
Arrow Key
RF Input Terminal
USB Host Port
Keypad and Unit Keys
Power Key
USB Device Port
RS-232C Port
VGA Port
Power Socket
GRF-1300 RF and Communication Trainer
Power Key
RF Synthesizer / FM Function Block
AM Function Block
Base Band Function Block


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