Instek GRF-1300A Spectrum Analyzer Training Kit with RF Mixer


Spectrum Analyzer Training Kit with RF Mixer

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Instek GRF-1300A – Spectrum Analyzer Training Kit with RF Mixer
Baseband Signal : Sine, Triangle, Square wave
Frequency Range: 0.1 ~ 3MHz
RF Frequency : 870 ~ 920MHz
AM & FM Modulation
Mixer & 2.4GHz Bandpass Filter
5 programmable On/Off Switches and 5 Test Points to Simulate 8 Failure Conditions for Trouble-Shooting Study
USB Interface to Provide Remote Control
The brand new GRF-1300A RF training kit features not only all functions of GRF-1300 RF training kit but also augments itself with Mixer and Bandpass Filter. GRF-1300A Bandpass Filter can purify the output signals by filtering out harmonic and spurious produced by Mixer output signals.

Introduction to the GRF-1300A

The GRF-1300A is a well design ed training kit capable of producing a 3MHz baseband signal and a carrier signal up to 900MHz. The GRF-1300A is also able to perform AM and FM RF circuit experiments as well. The practical exercises in the training kit meet the needs of most general RF courses. The GRF-1300A consists of three modules, namely: a baseband module, an RF Synthesizer/FM module and an AM module. The baseband module can simulate a baseband signal and includes sine, square or triangle waveforms. Its output frequency and amplitude are ad justable. During experiments the three kinds of waveforms can be arbitrarily switched back and forth to meet the signaling requirements of each of the different experiments.

The RF Synthesizer/FM module is used to generate an adjustable carrier frequency as well as perform frequency modulation. This module covers so me of the focus points in the RF circuit theory. This will be highlighted in practical experiments in later chapters. FM waveforms can also be produced by using this module together with the baseband module. The GSP-730 spectrum analyzer can be used to observe the various characteristics of an FM waveform.

The AM module and baseband module can be used together to perform amplitude modulation experiments. The GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer can be used to observe the various characteristics of an AM waveform.
The mixer can convert the RF signal into an intermediate frequency signal or it can do the opposite and convert the intermediate frequency signal into an RF frequency signal in order to transmit or process the carried message, respectively. This experiment system can be connected to a computer via the USB interface. The interface can be used to turn individual circuits on or off so that students can perform diagnostic experiments.

Students can learn the fundamental aspects of RF theory through a variety of experiments. Understanding RF theory has been made easier by breaking the RF circuits into fundamental functions. This allows students to see in detail how the theory relates to the practical aspects of the RF circuitry.

This system is a collection of different functions: signal generation, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, communication and other functions. Connecting different modules together can create a number of different RF circuit experiments. Specific experiments will be highlighted in later chapters. The GRF-1300A RF & Communication Trainer is designed to modulate an audio signal with a carrier waveform. The system takes into account the difficulties arising from RF circuit theory and knowledge. It focuses on these theories and sets up experiments to understand the theoretical aspects of RF circuitry – This also has the added benefit of increasing a student’s interest to learn RF circuits.


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