Instek GPT-9602 AC 100VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester


A.C. 100VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester

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Instek GPT-9602 – AC 100VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester
100VA AC Test Capacity
240×48 Ice Blue Dot Matrix LCD
Auto W-I and I-W Mode
True RMS Current Measurement
Zero Crossing Turn-on Operation
Safety INTERLOCK Function
GPT-9600 Series Electrical Safety Tester

GW Instek launches new economical safety testers, the GPT-9600 Series, which offers an affordable solution for supporting routine tests of major items of the safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety regulations.

The GPT-9600 Series is built upon a platform of 100VA AC maximum power output. The GPT-9602 is capable of performing AC and DC withstanding test. The GPT-9600 Series is equipped with the high-efficiency PWM amplifier, which is the core of the platform design to impede the influence from the input AC voltage fluctuation and ensure a stable voltage output.

Following a tidy and easy-to-use design concept, the GPT-9600 Series renders users an intuitive operation environment by a simple and clear panel layout, a large LCD display and color LED indicators. The switching power supply, used as a universal input source, accommodates the power systems in most countries in the world. Unlike other members of GW Instek Safety Testers, the GPT-9600 Series uses a preset output voltage bar to indicate the expected output voltage for withstanding voltage tests instead of the traditional AC slide operation and indication. Furthermore, an AUTO mode, including test sequence selections of withstanding-then-insulation or insulation-then-withstanding, is designed for models carrying insulation Resistance test function to reduce the testing time of dual test items.

Other functions and features of GPT-9600 include: the zero crossing turn-on operation protects DUT from the impact of surge voltage output, the interlock function safeguards users from the hazardous shock of unintentional touch of the voltage output, a remote output on-off terminal in the front panel and a signal I/O port in the rear panel are provided as the means for remote start/stop control of the safety tester.
GPT-9600 Series Features

High Efficiency and High Stability Output

The GPT-9600 Series, carrying a high-efficiency PWM amplifier design, generates output source up to 98% efficiency. This greatly reduces the energy loss from heat dissipation and therefore lowers the temperature within the cabinet. The suppression of temperature rise during heavy-duty operation of the tester significantly increases tester’s reliability and service lifetime.
PWM Amplifier Efficiency
Friendly User Interface

The 240 x 48 display clearly shows the applied voltage, test parameters, test conditions, measurement value and result on the screen at the same time. The real-time status update on the LCD display accompanied by the multi-colored LED status indicators on the front panel allow operators to have a full control of the test process to perform precession test and avoid unnecessary operation risks at the same time. The status indicator above the high voltage output terminal will automatically flash when an output is in place. In addition, the function keys arranged below the LCD display provide convenient operation that test functions can be easily changed by a single pressing.
Large LCD, High Intensity Indicators and Function Keys
Simply AUTO Mode

For models that include the Insulation Resistance test function; there is a simple AUTO mode (W-I or I-W) which allows the operator to run two test functions in sequence. The first test function can either be a withstanding voltage test followed by an insulation resistance test or vice versa, – thus eliminating the need to push the START button twice to run two separate tests.
Simply AUTO Mode
Support the Universal Input Voltage

Additionally, the GPT-9600 series provide Additionally, the GPT-9600 series provides the universal input voltage range for operating equipment in countries with different electrical power standards. With the GPT-9600 series, the hustle of switching or selecting input voltage range can be left behind. Furthermore, 50Hz or 60Hz can be selected to provide a stable and appropriate test voltage without relying on the electrical environment conditions of input power so as to meet the test requirements.
Universal Input Voltage Range


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