Instek GPT-15001 – Electrical Safety Analyzer (AC Only)


Safety Analyzer Tester, AC/GC 500VA

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Instek GPT-15001 – Electrical Safety Analyzer (AC Only)
Instek’s flagship safety analyzer series
AC only (0.05 – 5kV)
Meets IEC 61010-2-034 design requirements
High accuracy and high resolution
Flexible supplementary testing mechanism
The GPT-15000 is Instek’s new flagship safety analyzer, and the first in the world to comply with IEC 61010-2-034, a safety requirement for measurement, control and laboratory use.

The GPT-15000 is available in four variations, each performing a different set of tests:
GPT-15001 – AC only
GPT-15002 – AC/DC
GPT-15003 – AC/DC/IR
GPT-15001 – AC/DC/IR/GB
To comply with IEC 61010-2-034 requirements, this series uses a double insulation design for the input power supply and output voltage to enhance user safety. In addition, the retracted on/off switch design and various optional mechanisms for test activation are incorporated to avoid accidental damage to the system or harm to users.

High illumination LED lights and a high volume audio indicator are included to provide warnings of the status of tests or results. Furthermore, the DUT will be automatically discharged to a safe voltage (approximately 30V) after each test to prevent large residual test voltage from causing harm to users.

This series features a 7 inch color TFT LCD and uses a simple, key design style to enable easy operation and clear observation of test results.
Meets IEC 61010-2-034 design requirements

GPT-15000 is the world’s first safety analyzer to comply with IEC 61010-2-034 (Safety requirement for electrical requirement for measurement, control and laboratory use). Safety considerations include double insulation for input and output voltages, safe output/warning mechanism, post-test discharge mechanism, etc. to ensure user safety during the operation.
Statistics and analysis


The GPT-15000 series provides the statistic function, which can record the test functions and judgment results in the temporary storage area (60,000 lots max.). Users can immediately learn the test of each function during the test without using a PC. The distribution of the good products can be analyzed to understand the quality of the batch based on the data. If most of them fall at the critical point that is close to be categorized as defect product, the results can be found in the test process in time so as to improve the manufacturing process and stop the defect products from entering the markets to ensure the reliability of products after leaving the factory.
Sweep and tabular automatic test
The GPT-15000 series features a unique sweep function, which displays a curve diagram of the test results of the DUT. Test readings are recorded point by point based on the applied test voltage or current and relevant settings (such as initial voltage, ramp up time, test time, or ramp down time). After the test is completed, users can learn the amount of applied energy (voltage or current) at a specific time point and the results of measurement parameters by moving the cursor position so as to help users understand the changes of the measurement parameters (current or resistance) during the test. The function can also be used to determine the critical break down of the DUT.

With respect to the automatic test function, each automatic test has up to 10 manual test items and all related settings and result judgement are presented in a table, so that users can easily obtain the results of all test items at a time. Other than that, if there are multiple automatic test connection requirements, uses only need to select CON in the last item of the table to automatically connect the automatic measurement of the next position (such as AUTO-012 ~ AUTO-013).


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