Instek GPM-8213G Digital Power Meter with GPIB Interface


Digital AC Power Meter with factory installed GPIB interface

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Instek GPM-8213G Digital Power Meter with GPIB Interface
Digital Power Meter with GPIB Interface
4″ TFT LCD, five-digit measurement display
19 power measurement parameters
High-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities,
GPM-8213 provides as many as 19 power measurement parameters, including voltage (Vrms/ V+pk / V-pk), current (Irms/ I+pk / I-pk), frequency (VHz/ IHz), power (P/ P+pk / P-pk), crest factor (CFV/ CFI), apparent power (VA), reactive power (VAR), power factor (PF), phase angle (DEG), total harmonic distortion (THDV/ THDI), high-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities (reading: ±0.1%; level: ±0.1%).

The TFT LCD has two modes -simple mode and standard mode. Simple mode displays conventional power meter’s four measurement parameters to meet the requirement of accuracy and clarity for the test on the manufacturing process. Standard mode extends the display to the maximum of 8 measurement parameters (2 major measurements + 6 monitor measurements) to satisfy the various measurement application requirements of R&D, design, and quality verification.

For DUT requiring IEC 62301/EN 50564 standby power consumption test, GPM-8213 provides the optimal measurement supports, including test frequency bandwidth of DC~6kHz, the minimum current level of 5mA (resolution: 0.1uA), power measurement resolutions (1uW for minimum current and voltage levels). With respect to data retrieval and storage, the standard RS- 232C/USB interfaces (virtual COM)/LAN can be utilized to edit and retrieve programs or the optional GPIB interface (installed by manufacturer).
Two data display mode
Standard mode
(2 major and 6 minor)
Enlarge mode
(4 major)
Measurement Items
Item Content
Voltage Vdc, Vrms, V+pk, V-pk
Current Idc, Irms, I+pk, I-pk
Power P, P+pk, P-pk, VA, var
Crest Factor CfV, CfI
Measurement Item Power Factor PF
Frequency VHz, IHz
Angle Deg
Total Harmonic Distortion THDV, THDI
Integrated Time, WP, WP+, WP-, q, q+, q-


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